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Pants fitting questions! (Simplicity 5299)

By on January 9, 2014

Hello! Today I have a work in progress that I hope you can help me with: PANTS.

I have decided to start my Weekender Wardrobe challenge off with the toughest/most intimidating part of my wardrobe pattern (Simplicity 5299): the pants! I have never made pants before, but I’ve been watching a lot of the Dick van Dyke show and Laura Petrie (played by Mary Tyler Moore) always has the greatest cigarette pants on, so I’ve been tempted to overcome my fear. I’ve done some fitting on my own, but I’ve now exhausted my (very limited) pants-fitting knowledge. In hope that you can help, I have some lovely photos of my abdomen to share with you:


diagonal wrinkles. These are not apparent on the other side (with the zipper in the side seam)


Front, with wrinkles extending from CF seam

As you can see, there are horizontal wrinkles extending from the CF seam and diagonally through(?) the side seam. I’ve been consulting Colette’s Clover fitting guide but nothing there is jumping out as my pants fitting issue. It may be helpful to know that the fabric I’m using is NOT stretchy (at alllll). If you would like 12000 other pictures of these pants you can look at my blog post (where you can see the steps I’ve already taken), and I’d really love it if you left a comment/critique/suggestion here or there!




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Vintage Sewing

1959 Blouse

By on May 26, 2012
McCall's 5079

Hi everyone, This is my first post here, and my first completed project from a vintage pattern.
McCall's 5079
McCall’s 5079 is from 1959. I made view C out of Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in Lipstick. I’d like to make the other views too!

McCall's 5079 untucked

Does anyone know what the frown-y drag lines near the armscye mean? Does the armscye need to be shortened? Or would just a little more width/ease across the chest help?

Any thoughts appreciated!
More photos and info on my blog.

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Vintage Sewing

And introduction and a vintage pattern muslin

By on November 27, 2011

Hello everyone! My name is Suzy and I blog over at www.suzysewing.blogspot.com. I have been a avid reader from Sew Retro for months and thrilled to be part of it in its new gorgeous format.

I’m currently working on the above gorgeous vintage pattern. I will be using a soft and cozy wool flannel fabric, which so far as been the most expensive fabric I have bought. I have to say I am quite nervous to cut into it and for that reason have done a muslin to assess fit. As per usual the bodice is too big, especially at the back. Any help and advice in how to fit this is more than welcome. You can find more photos on my blog.

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