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A Lovely 60’s Party Dress

By on November 21, 2012

A few weeks back I posted a pattern and a question about what kind of seams you lovely fellow sewers use to finish your vintage clothing. (I wasn’t sure if a serger would be appropriate!) I received many good suggestions, and happily began my first vintage project!

Here is the pattern and fabric for the dress. Doubly exciting to me was the fact that several comments mentioned they at one time had this pattern… and had made the dress. And when I showed my Auntie Lynda the dress, she informed that she had made a dress from the pattern as well! Oh, the excitement! 🙂

I am happy to say the dress is complete and I am pleased! When my daughter Kadi put it on she said she felt like Fiona because of the fab sleeves. (Fiona is the princess in Schrek) She said all she needed was a party to wear it to!

The dress is a marvelous color. I used a Shantung, shiny side up per my daughters request. Everything went pretty well… I hand sewed the hem and facings and the ribbon. For the most part I used French Seams on the inside. The gathered sleeve was a little more difficult and I ended up using a turned and stitched seam on that area.  The sleeves are a bit long- again at her request! But when your daughter feels like a Princess- You feel like you have succeeded in your mission!

I would like to do this dress again- All in lace and lined with a slip type dress. And maybe turn the sleeves in to a bell sleeve. Just a thought!

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Ending the Summer with a Serious Flamingo Dress!

By on September 13, 2012

v2961 flamingo dress 1950 fashion 50s design vogue vintage pattern 2961

Oh how I adored this fabric when I first set my eyes on it! I couldn’t decide for months on which pattern would be better to use with my beloved flamingos.

I finally decided to use another awesome vintage pattern reprint from Vogue – a v2961.

The real awesomeness of this dress is that it was quite easy to sew and looks perfect when finished. Although it was a moderately easy pattern, the dress looks really elegant when finished. I mean, as elegant as any dress covered up with flamingos would look 😛

The pattern I used for this dress is one of Vogue Vintage collections. The v2961 was originally published in 1953 and it’s a classic 50s fashion with tight bodice and a poodle skirt.

vogue vintage elbise kalıpları


I must say, for the novice sewing enthusiasts the only challenging detail will be the bound buttonholes at the front. Evet I first thought of placing an invisible zipper on the side and sewing the buttons just as accessories. But then I decided to stick with the original pattern and see how it’ll turn out. I did not make bound buttonholes though – as suggested – and just made regular buttonholes.

vogue 2961 1950s dress patterns

The fitted top was so easy to make, despite the boning detail. I fitted the bodice like a glove very easily. To be honest, the bodice pattern has only 2 darts at the front and 2 at the back and was much easier to make and fitted much better, compared to other more complicated patterns with similar look.

Sewing the buttons on the bodice was the easy part. I did spend some time in trying to figure out how to do the same thing on the skirt. The instructions were quite complicated for me, as I was doing this for the first time.

I cut the upper front of the skirt pieces same as trousers pattern. I then stitched a paper-like interlining on the extra bits and then fold it into two in order to open buttonholes neatly.

I can go on living my happy ending with my flamingos

I hope that you will also have your happy (sewing project ) ending soon
 well, until the next one at least 🙂




Read more: http://sewingyourstyle.tumblr.com/post/28327592035/flamingo-dress#ixzz26KVKG6Dm

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Mccall’s 4864 – Another 40’s dress!

By on March 3, 2012

Hi Everyone.

A new post on my latest creation is up at Kitty’s Drawings

Black & white polka dot dress made out of possibly rayon – something. I don’t know. I never know! A burn test only tells me so much.


Anyways – lots more details over at the blog. Some close ups too. This was quite a project! It wasn’t that the dress was hard to make, more that I did quite a bit by hand.

Also – the pattern is so quirky and cool. I list all the little interesting things about it. 🙂

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The Debacle Dress – Simplicity 3608

By on February 26, 2012

Now why did I call this The Debacle Dress?? The full story is HERE at Kitty’s Drawings 😀  A whole SERIES of dramas came with the creation of it.


BTW – this is Simplicity 3608 from 1951, made in white cotton drill. It was really great to sew up actually, due to the nature of the fabric and it was also quite a simple pattern. The variations are really great too – It came with an intact transfer pattern for the neckline and pocket. It’s actually not meant to be embroidered – the instructions tell you to attach three threads of yarn/wool with double overcast stitches spaced 1/4 inch apart. How cool! I’d love to make this in a navy wool or linen and white yarn.


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