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Vintage Fabric Advice – what to make?

By on November 27, 2012


I have been given the fabric above. Believe its 60s or 70s (thanks Mrs Bee for that identification).

Now it looks like I have about 2 metres and a bit but it seems quite narrow (I’ll measure it properly tonight).

I’d like to make something from the era it came from to wear. Can anyone suggest what I could do. A skirt or a short shift dress sprung to mind. But would something like a blouse or a waistcoat work? Its not lightweight and I have no idea of the fabric content. But it drapes ok. I wonder if its a blend?

Any advice or suggestions appreciated.

Late addition: Measured it its 35inches wide but I have about 3 metres of it. So maybe enough for a dress?


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The curse of the smelly fabric

By on June 19, 2012

Hi all! I’m hoping someone has a miracle cure today. I found some amazing wool pieces at an estate sale. Each piece is big enough for a coat or jacket. That blue one will be a 1941 Vogue swing coat with big round shawl collar. All the fabric in the pictures was $2. I was a machine, I didn’t stop till I stuffed that $2 box with every piece of wool I could find. Anyway, it smells, badly. Like a garage smell mixed with musty house and Goodwill. I aired them out yesterday with no luck.

While it was airing on the deck a gigantic storm popped up (like they do in western NY) and they got a tad wet before I could run them inside. Not soggy, just like sprinkled on. Wow, the smell only intensified and it made the garage reek.

Soooooo, what’s the best way to get the stink out of these large pieces of wool? I was thinking of using woollike in my washer on the wool cycle and then fluffing them in the dryer with zero heat or hanging them back out on the deck. I’m terrified of felting them on accident.

As an experiment I sprayed pet odor neutralizer on the small green scraps. So far it still smells like feet and sweaty kid.

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