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Choices, choices…

By on October 18, 2011

Okay, I need some help with a pattern choice, as I’m quite terrible about making decisions on things like this (good at making big life decisions, bad at the everyday stuff).

I want to make a coccoon coat and have just been bought a lovely new machine which will enable me too (I’d had my last machine since I was 11 and it’s starting to sound a little clunky and O.A.P). Anyway, I’ve narrowed the choice down to the 2 below…

I want to do a fur trim regardless of which I do, and possibly wide fur cuffs on the sleeves. I’m also going to free-machine a deco style pattern on the centre-back. For colour choices, it’s getting cold here in Ramsbottom, so I’m feeling wintry, and it’ll probably be a deep green or claret red (note, if I choose red, don’t worry I won’t add white fur trims and grow a beard hohoho). Fabric is going to be wool or velvet, and probably have quilting between the outer and lining for extra warmth.

So is it the Decades of Style on the Left? Or the Ageless on the right?? Any honest opinions about the pattern makers and advice if you’ve made either of these would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Deers xx

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