Butterick 2137

I had a super quick turn around with this recent dress project:

I chose version A, sans collar, and used a slightly stretchy plaid fabric that I recently inherited, I had just enough width to panel the body pieces.

No major issues, just it just needs perhaps a little more work to fit the back better – I had to fit while I wore this one!

It’s not quite right across the shoulder/upper back area, and a bit close around the waist… but I love it and enjoy wearing it, so will let that slide! ┬áBring on cooler months!

Ps, this is the next version of this dress (hopefully ready for my husbands exhibition opening tomorrow… if I can just get off the computer while he hangs out with the kids!):

Of course, there’s a little more over on my blog, mermaidspurse.org.nz.