Thanks to a sew along (Fearless February over at I finally made my hubby Le Smoking Jacket in a brocade (see below)! It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be but is definitely not for beginners as the cutting/piecing instructions are only so-so. I even put the black contrasting ends in the [...]


  So, I found this amazing pattern for a smoking jacket from 1951, Butterick 1769. Despite being neither a smoker nor an idle rich guy from a Hollywood melodrama, my Husband decided he needed one in classic satin and quilted velvet. He accompanied me to the fabric store on a Saturday (an event never to [...]


Good evening, everyone! I’m Pimpinett, which is an old-fashioned adjective in the Swedish language, meaning vain, coquettish, careful of one’s apperance in a somewhat fussy manner. It’s rather fitting. I make 30′s- to 50′s-inspired clothes for myself, and occasionally other people as well. I haven’t done as much as I’d like to lately, though, and [...]