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Vintage Barbie, the ‘Tressy* Wardrobe’

By on April 23, 2014

Hi All,

I was looking through my blog the other day, and I realized that I never shared this┬áBarbie ensemble that my mom and I made for a friend’s granddaughter.

With the instructions of ‘fancy dress’ and ‘purple’ we set to work – hauling out one of our tiniest patterns!

The 1964 Tressy* Wardrobe- can I just say that I would like a Tressy* Wardrobe for myself- I would totally rock look #3!

But for our project Mom decided to make the overcoat featured in outfit #1, and I thought that Dress #5 would be ideal.

So I got out the little pattern pieces, and had a moment of swooning over the cuteness- they’re so little!

Purple velvet was the material of choice- and I decided to drop the front sash thing and make it strapless!

It was really easy to whip up, as you can see the seams are quite short- and I finished the back with snaps. With the dress and the other pieces that mom and I made, she had quite a snazzy ensemble.

So snazzy in fact, that I felt I had to make an adequately fashionable background for a photo shoot. (which I drew on craft paper stuck to the wall beside my bed, while my mom’s arm was expertly disguised under my duvet)

Here is the dress on its own, finished with a little silver trim.

The dress with the detachable overskirt that mom and I made with some purple tulle and ribbon.

And finally- the piece which I feel screams the most ‘Parisian chic’ – the velvet overcoat, trimmed in marabou

Yes, mom and I did re-live our childhood barbie dreams vicariously through this project- we may or may not have gotten a little too into this project- but I’m sure the little girl is very happy with her new Barbie attire.

If you want to see more pics and info about this project you can check out my blog!

This makes me miss my Barbie days – I had the house, the car, all the outfits (homemade and not)- I had an obsession ­čÖé ┬áDid you love Barbies too?

xo erin

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