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Dressed to Impress: 50s-Inspired Formal Dress

By on August 23, 2015

Things I love in a sewing project:

  1. Remnants
  2. Getting the pattern placement you wanted
  3. Getting the pattern placement you wanted when you only have 1.5 metres of fabric
  4. Getting a dress with a full circle skirt out of 1.5 metres of fabric
  5. Getting your ballgown for less than $40

But my favourite thing? All of these combined in the same project! My self-drafted 50s-prom-dress-inspired strapless ball gown, with full lining and a boned bodice. I wore it to a ball recently, and felt like a princess all night. I was so happy with how it turned out! 🙂



For more photos and construction details, check out my blog!

Until next time,

Miss Maddy x

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50s circle star print dress with vintage sunnies

By on September 15, 2013

I made this 50s dress recently for a wedding. Although you can’t see the arms – it is sleeveless. I lined the bodice but left the skirt unlined so that I can wear it with a nice full petticoat when the urge takes me 🙂 Fortunately the fabric width was 146cm making it wide enough for a circle.

Wearing a dress that you’ve made yourself always feel kind of special – and retro inspired always feels so feminine.

The rest of my outfit is vintage inspired – clutch bag and a Vivienne Westwood blazer and pair of heels with genuine Dior sunnies that I cherish!

Hope you like and pop to my blog if you fancy a look through some more of my latest makes!


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