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40s inspired blouse

By on April 2, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was preparing some projects for a sewing weekend I attended. I wanted to use one basic blouse pattern and create three different blouses out of it.


For inspiration I browsed the internet and took a look at my own vintage patterns. This time, I preferred using a modern pattern and alter it because I have used it already and knew the fit was good. It really saved me some time preparing the patterns and I could avoid making muslins too. Besides, I really like drafting/altering patterns, this way you can learn so much about pattern design.

I drafted patterns for three different blouses, but I only fnished one of them. The picture below shows a quick sketch of the three blouses. I made the third blouse. The sleeves are changed by shorten them and adding cuffs. I also added a breast pocket.


I don’t have a lot of experience with sewing blouses. Actually this is the second one I ever made. I used to be a bit scared of sewing blouses. With my old sewing machine I wasn’t  able to create a decent button hole let alone multiple button holes. And I always thought collars were difficult to make. But at sewing course I practised them a couple of times and that made me feel more confident about it. As you can read this blouse definitely won’t be my last one to sew. 

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