I’ve wanted a green dress, to fell better after this rainy winter… I’ve found the fabric last summer with no idea… then I’ve found in my “atelier” a pattern that I’d forgot…   A Vogue model : 8789 I’m very happy to wear it because it’s really a pleasure, it’s fit well and I’ve no [...]


This was a last-minute, impulse project – that’s the only way I sew anything for myself, to be honest. The pattern is Vogue 9059 – one of my favorite Vogues of all time. It took me the better part of two years to find it in my size for a price I could afford – [...]


The dress I pulled out of the closet for a day in San Francisco at the De Young Museum is Vogue 2903.  I felt that the bright colors were appropriate for a Picasso exhibit. I adore this reproduction.  And it is still in print, so I cannot be the only one!  I have a bad [...]