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50ies with an Asian touch

By on March 29, 2015

More or less ten years ago, my father gave me a Shalvar Kameez when he came back from a trip to Pakistan. Unfortunately it wasn’t my size and due to the lack of opportunities to wear such a garment in central Europe, altering it wasn’t ranging very high on my schedule.

When Tuppence Ha’Penny published a post on 50ies dresses inspired by indian Saris, I knew what I wanted my Shalwar Kameez to become.

But it took me until this year to finally start this project. I chose a 1955/6 Lutterloh-pattern, a blouse with a matching skirt. It fit without any alterations, I only changed the cut of the skirt a little, using the dupatta, the scarf, as a ruched bottom, the pattern was meant to be plain without the ruffled layer.

Waistband and collar are lined with fusible interfacing, the cotton fabric is very soft and not stiff enough without.

The blouse was made from the top (the kameez), the facings and the top part of the skirt from the trousers (the shalwar), the ruche as mentioned was the dupatta.

The fact that it consists of two parts enables me to wear it as seperates as well, I can well imagine the skirt with a plain white blouse or the blouse with high-waisted jeans.

To see more photos, including one “before”-pic, have a look at my blog, Parva sed apta.

Thank you for your attention,


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Navy circle skirt

By on October 13, 2014

Hello there,

It’s my very first post for We sew retro. As I’m not a very good sewer, till now, I ‘d prefer to read the posts than to write any.

But, you know, sometimes you have to jump the gate and here I am !

I have already sewn different oufits for myself, skirt, tops, dress… or for my kids (most of the time, costumes). As I am a tap dance teacher, I’m also used to do myself the stage costumes and accessories. And I did it very simple.

This time, I had in mind a fifties circle skirt.

I find the fabric in a little shop in Saint Malo ( Britanny), it looks a little vintage and I like it !

It reminds me these Mediterranean summer outfit and it was obvious that it will turn into a circle skirt !


My sewing skills are limited and I have learned to make clothes just by looking at them. Usually I look closely at all the details and try to copy them. This time, I thought that it would be easy to cut the fabric, to ruffle the top of the skirt and to add a waist. And that what I did.

Quite simple but exactly what I ‘d wish !


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1950s | Skirts

Polka dot one seam skirt

By on October 10, 2012

This neat little skirt is made using Simplicity 3983 from 1952 and is a quick, easy make, having only one seam up the back!

I made mine in red polka dot corduroy and shortened it by a massive eight inches to give it a more modern look. The polka dots are quite subtle though and it can safely be teamed up with other prints (such as gingham!) without clashing too much. There are some nice vintage touches to the pattern, such as adding Petersham ribbon to the inside of the waistband – which I tried and liked a lot! The hip pockets are a pretty detail too and I’ll definitely be adding buttons to my next version as per version two.

I love the fit of it and can see myself coming back to this pattern again and again. More photos and construction details can be found on my blog Handmade Jane. x

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