Posting Policy

We Sew Retro is a community for people who love vintage patterns, vintage fabric, and vintage style. While most of us probably would quite like that vintage knitting pattern you’re working on or swoon over your quilt, we don’t have room to blog about absolutely everything we love. Our focus is on sewing and specifically the sewing of garments.

Posts made to We Sew Retro can be any of the following:

  • showing off a garment you made from a vintage pattern
  • showing off a garment you made with vintage fabric
  • showing off a garment you made that is a modern interpretation of a vintage design
  • sharing vintage garment sewing inspiration (for example, scans of vintage pattern catalogs, magazines, or advertisements)
  • asking for advice on a particular sewing/construction/fabric/pattern/fashion history issue
  • giving advice on a particular sewing/construction/fabric/pattern/fashion history issue

If you’ve got something awesome to share that doesn’t quite fit in the categories listed above, pop over to our facebook page and show us there.

If you are unsure whether a particular post you want to make is appropriate, save it as a draft and let Katherine know. She’ll be happy to offer some guidance.

Your Store

While many of our members also run vintage or sewing related businesses, in your posts we want to see what you’re sewing, not what you’re selling. You’re more than welcome to link to your store in your profile (which appears automatically all over the site), but please leave links to your store out of the body of your post. If you make or sell something you think would fit well in our shop, get in touch.


If you would like to host a giveaway on We Sew Retro, please contact Katherine to discuss. Although we’re based in the US, we have readers all over the world and we only run giveaways or promotions that are open to all our lovely readers. To maintain these standards, the only giveaways or promotion of giveaways permitted on the site are posted from an admin account.

Your Blog

If your intention is to drive more traffic to your personal blog, please remember that creating rich and interesting posts will always attract more people to your other endeavors than just dropping a link. Engage with our readers and they will engage with you.