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Intro and an ORANGE dress

By on June 23, 2007

My name is Anna (on-a) but I go by Anan most of the time online. I’m the oldest of seven kids (five brothers one sister). I’m homeschooled and I live in IN.

I’ve been avidly sewing for about three years. Mostly projects for my selfish self. ;-p Lately I’ve been branching out and making outfits for my friends.

Here you see my latest creation…

I used Butterick 4513. I added the closeup so you’re sure to see that the dress is *ORANGE*.
The black bias tape is on purpose but the belt was an “oops I don’t have a big enough scrap of fabric”. This is for a friend of mine who loves orange. I personally wouldn’t ever wear this much orange.
I wanted to post pictures of the dress I made with dress fabric but it has a side zipper and I couldn’t get it on the dress form… ::sigh::

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Another sundress

By on June 22, 2007

I have been very slow on the sewing lately, but here’s finally a new garment!
I’ve made another sundress for my daughter, using my own tutorial (you can find it here). The dress is made from two straight pieces of fabric, only with a little shaping for the arms. It is gathered with elastic at the top. The edging around the arms continues into two ties on each shoulder. You can use bias binding, but I just used two straight double-folded strips of the dress fabric. Since it’s seersucker it’s flexible.
This time I didn’t refashion an old garment, it’s from all new material. I love the fabric, which is a Japanese import from Reprodepot. I think it’s very seventies and wild and trippy. The colours aren’t quite as acidic in RL.
More photos here.

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My First Summer Item

By on June 19, 2007

Just completed my first official “summer sumthin” item and it is also a first in two other respects … Maudella and sleeves.

Belted the dress as despite the a-line being beautiful, on a fuller figure than the slim/flat model it did look quite quite silly – most especially from the back! The fabric is a beautiful quality vintage cotton, from ebay (where else!).

Hoping to have some more summer items in the near future, depends how this job hunting malarky goes and therefore the available time I have to stave away boredom.

Happy Sewing everyone 😀

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The one that got away

By on June 18, 2007

Sometimes you have an idea in your head of exactly what you want to make. I have a wedding to attend in a few months and a few metres of pale yellow brocade and I know exactly what I want to make from it. A 50s slim-skirted frock with an interesting neckline.

What, just like this eBay auction?

Well, yes.
But I missed it. I just can’t pay the huge prices that so many patterns go for. I said in a previous post that I’m interested in setting up a loose open-source pattern sharing kinda thing. I’m working on it.. will keep you all posted.
I’ve sewn two vintage patterns in the last week and will post them soon too.

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Hello from Kitty

By on June 15, 2007

Hello fellow vintage sewers! I’m Kitty and I live in Sydney, Australia. My blogging partner-in-crime, Moggy, has just joined as well (see her post with the ‘poker dog’ dress below).

I love sewing vintage and vintage-inspired dresses, trawling ebay for patterns and online quiltshops for fabrics. I have been knitting for just over 2 years and can see a vintage cardigan/top addiction in my future.

Here is a recent project. I bought the pattern on ebay with the intention of making it in grey wool. I tested the pattern in grey stretch denim and decided I liked it just as it was.

Lovely to be here. I love checking out what everyone is sewing.

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My Mother’s Stash!

By on June 3, 2007

My mother’s downsizing from a 3000+ s.f. home to a townhouse, and in her efforts to downsize she’s getting rid of lots and lots of stuff. Quite fortunately, I am the lucky recipient. She shares a love of vintage patterns and crafts with me and had amassed quite a beautiful collection of vintage craft magazines, books and sewing patterns over the years through swaps, garage sales and other avenues.

She visited our family this weekend and brought with her four Rubber-maid tubs of craft materials including yarn, fabric and patterns. There must be close to 70 or 80 patterns ranging in date from the late thirties to the early nineties. I’ve picked three for Sew Retro but posted more on my blog here.

Isn’t this one lovely? I love its softness and its ultra-feminine style. It looks too complicated for me to sew, and I’m not certain I’d wear something quite this feminine though I really do love that aspect of the dress.

I love this dress and it very well may be my favorite wearable option of the bunch. I love the neckline, the full skirt, the pockets and the pert sleeves. It’s just so pretty and simple at the same time.

I might give this jumper a whirl, though it would definitely require resizing. I like its simple clean lines and its cute side buttons. I could imagine myself wearing it to the office, and then meeting my family for a concert and picnic in the park.

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dress in progress

By on May 30, 2007

My plan is to finish my 60’s dress this upcoming weekend. I still have some adjustments to make, but apart from that it’s just lacking sleeves and a proper hemline. I received lots of help with pinning it to fit by my boyfriend, which impressed me enormously; he’s not much for sewing or knitting or anything and sometimes have a hard time grasping the basics of it (mostly due to lack of interest, I suppose), but I think he’s also quite eager to see this dress finished, so he didn’t mind lending a hand. Or two, in this case.

I realised that I need to take off about and inch and a half over the shoulders to achieve a better fit, but I don’t think it will cause any major problems, so I’m not worried about that. I’ve already been commissioned by two of my friends to make dresses for them, and if I have anything to say about it, there will definitely be a retro style to both of them!

Anyway, here are some photos of what the dress looks like now and how it should fit.

Present state of dress:

How it should fit:

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