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Simplicity 3744

By on July 5, 2007
Well, I finally finished my ’60-70’s style dress-Simplicity 3744. The photo shows the dress before I hemmed it and the wrinkles you see are from pinning the hem in place.

I really like the look of the dress. I had some issues with the pocket pattern that I talk about here and on my review at Pattern Review. This was made specifically for my summer wearing pleasure. I like the dress very much and now that all fitting issues have been noted and made I plan to make the view with the longer sleeves for fall.
The fabric was given to me by sewing/blogger friend Carolyn with Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. The fabric is a 1960-70 fabric and truly was a pleasure to sew and very appropriate for this dress.

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Vintage Sewing

So finally I sew something vintage…

By on July 4, 2007

… and it turns out frump-o-rama, on me anyway. I feel like a stern aunt with no sense of humour when wearing this one thus Esme is modelling it. She’s a little wider of hip and shorter of waist than I am so it ain’t quite so shapeless on me but it certainly isn’t as deluxe as the illustration promised (something to keep in mind – they stylise to flatter, of course, and without severe corsetry, no one has proportions like this.)

I’m thinking it might work in a plain dark colour; I ran out of grey stripe, which explains the white bodice. One of my major problems is that I like to test the pattern before cutting into unreplaceable fabric. So my toiles are generally something I don’t like much. Like this grey – although I did think it looked like it was of an appropriate era.

Sigh. I’m too despondent to post the other thing I made, a wee shirt in screaming buttercup yellow, also unwearable.

Time is running out on my Perfect Pattern for the Post-It Note Yellow Brocade (remember, interesting neckline, lil’ waist, slim skirt) and I could post more pictures of patterns I missed (despite a great tip-off from Moggy, thanking you muchly) officially becoming the most pessimistic, unsuccesful poster on SewRetro. But no one wants that.

Happy news soon, I hope.


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Vintage Sewing

Suntan Tattoo

By on June 30, 2007

My ‘Something For Summer’ creation and darn it, it’s raining.

Thank goodness for Photoshop!

This is the wonderfully easy New Look pattern no 6375 in Tattoo fabric and honestly it’s a cinch – with a choice of 5 necklines. You could run it up in a day. (Took me considerably longer due to my work/life imbalance..)
More pics and info here.

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Intro and McCalls 6908

By on June 27, 2007
Hi Everyone! It’s my first post here so I thought I’d share my favorite vintage pattern. I inherited a lot of patterns from my grandma. Unfortunately she was a lot smaller than me but they still provide great inspiration.
I’m really fascinated by the sleeves on this one. You can see in the diagram below that the sleeve is a sort of set-in/raglan hybrid. The date on the pattern is 1963. It’s so chic. I just love it.

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Vintage Sewing

The Dress Dress

By on June 23, 2007

This is from Vogue 2267 http://http://www.voguepatterns.com/item/V2267.htm?tab=vintage_vogue&page=3.

I found this fabric at JoAnn’s on the novelty print rack. There was some from the same collection that had sewing instructions in the background but there wasn’t enough of that. ::sniff:: You can’t tell from the picture but this fabric has glitter all over it!!! Mom think’s it’s funny. Hmph.

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Vintage Sewing

Vintage Inspired

By on

So, neither of these two garments are from vintage patterns, but they are both made from vintage/thrifted fabric which gives them a retro feel/look.

The minidress is a Built by Wendy pattern (with a few of my alterations) and the fabric is an old bedsheet I bought at a garage sale 5 years ago. It only cost me 50 cents. With its acid green colour, geometric print and mini length, this dress feels like something from the late 60s/early 70s. Now all I need are some white go-go boots!

The halter top is a Simplicity dress pattern that I shortened into a shirt. It has boning in the midriff at the back and sides so it fits really well and the back stays up perfectly. The fabric was a table cloth that I bought at a thrift store. The checked print reminded me of 50s-era summer clothes, and what’s more 50s summer than a halter top?

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