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By on July 30, 2007
I’m working on this pattern in this vintage cotton:

I made up a toile and it’s not too bad… still don’t have the guts to cut into the vintage, yet! I need to make the neck a little narrower and the bodice a little roomier than this:

(My dog doesn’t seem particularly impressed.)

Other sewing-room mischief involve these culprits:

I’ve read mixed reviews of this pattern. We’ll see how I go. How wild is the lobster print?

The thing I’m most concerned about is that the standard 2″ extra length that I put in the bodice have made the darts rather messy – they lose a lot of shape when I rule a new line. Anyone got any hints? See below.

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Vintage Sewing


By on July 28, 2007

Hi Fellow Vintage Addicts!

My name is Wendy and I live in Northern New Mexico. I’ve been sewing since grade school, but just recently aquired the vintage pattern addiction. Here aretwo of the vintage dresses I’ve recently completed.

This is the butterfly dress from a modern Simplicity pattern (3781). It’s made with a stretch cotton from Fashion Fabrics.

This dress is made from another modern pattern, Butterick 4726. The fabric is from Make Me. The bakelite cherry pin is vintage.

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Vintage Sewing

Stepford Wife….

By on July 21, 2007

…but without the husband, kids or the suburbs.

I finished this dress last week, but since it decided to be grey and rainy, I only got a chance to take pictures today. This is the first actual vintage pattern (as opposed to a re-issued one) that I’ve sewn and I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s a Simplicity half-size pattern, so I had to adjust it slightly to fit my measurements, but other than that, everything went smoothly.

Here’s a close up of the front:

I wish I had a picture of the pattern, but it seems to have been hidden by my apartment’s pattern gnomes. I’m wearing a crinoline and my skirt is still nowhere as big as the pattern drawing.

P.S. A couple of the comments asked about the fabric: It’s a double sizes bed sheet I found at a thrift store. (Wayyyyyy cheaper than buying 4-5 meters of fabric at a regular store.) It was large enough to cut out the dress in the short sleeved option and I had enough left over to make some handkerchiefs and appliques.

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Vintage Sewing

Summery Linen Skirt (with pockets!)

By on July 19, 2007

The weather here in the last little while has been hot. Some even mention the words “heat wave”. It makes it hard to go up into the hot upstairs of my house, where the sewing room is located — but yesterday I managed to sweat through the sewing of this skirt.

It’s a 1978 McCall’s skirt pattern found at VV. I liked the simple lines…..and the front pockets! Looking at the pattern illustration, I didn’t understand how the side seam worked. Once I brought out the pattern pieces I realized that there are no side pieces, only back panels that wrap around to meet the front. This is also the seam where the pockets are inserted.

I made it up in a baby blue and lemon yellow linen (the linen also thrifted from VV). Nice and flowing and cool.

I’m not very fond of hemming, and really wanted to wear this skirt today to work so I ran two parallel lines of straight stitch about a half inch from the bottom, and then picked out the horizontal threads to leave a frayed edge.

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Vintage Sewing

Yet another introduction!

By on July 16, 2007
Hello all-

My name is Kristen, and I live in beautiful Arlington, Virginia. I have been sewing for several years, but until fairly recently, I was firmly in favor of hand sewing rather than machine sewing. Well, a couple of months ago, I broke down and bought a machine when I got tired of having no cute clothes, and wanted the ability to whip up the cute retro dresses that I saw around at horribly inflated prices. I mostly like clothing from the 20s and 30s, although my lack of any discernable waistline or hips make pulling off those styles rather difficult (Oh my poor, beautiful discarded Vogue 2494) So, I’ve been making a lot of dresses from the 50s.

Just so it isn’t an all-text post, here is a picture of my most recent creation, a Butterick 4919, in dirt cheap (and worth every penny) taffeta. I know others here have made it, and so you know the unpleasantness that is this pattern. I’m happy with the final result, but I wonder if it was worth the unhappiness. The feather cap is vintage from the 1940s. The shoes are vintage Payless. I made it in about a day, as evidenced byt the awful seam up the center of the skirt. I’m wearing it with a makeshift crinoline, made the night before.

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Vintage Sewing

Sew Busy

By on July 13, 2007


Been a bit of busy sewing bee the last week, 2 skirts and a dress done … which I believe covers each decade of 1950-70!

First up a Butterick a line skirt with ties for a faux wraparound. I left out all the top-stitching on the waistband and brought the ties round to the front as it’s more my thing. But I am very happy with this. It is vintage polyester material from ebay (UK).

Second up an Advance pattern for an 8 gore circle skirt. I really love this pattern it is so easy and quick to make up although I did have to shorten the pieces 6.5 inches (with a 1 inch hem) to get it to this length.

The fabric is a cotton with pink roosters on, and guess where it came from! Yup, but .com this time!
And to finish, a McCalls dress.

The fabric is a pink crimpoline (cos what else would you make a mod dress from?!) which is from *cough*addict*cough* ebay. And whilst I am pretty darn proud of my construction of it, I do not like it on me. From the side my boobs look huge, which they probably are, but for some reason cleavage is okay but huge side profile lumps aren’t!

I have made enough of this type of dress to know it just doesn’t work on me, and thanks to the person (names are not my forte I’m afraid) who suggested cutting on the bias but I think I shall stick to dresses with a bodice and skirt now. I am thinking of putting this up on Etsy …anyone know if that’s a good idea?

Well I attempted to make this a short-ish post but please click on the various links for detail pictures and make the pictures themselves larger if you like. I’m off on my summer hols for two weeks and look foreword to catching up with this group on my return 🙂

P.S apologies for the mysterious font changes, blogger seems to dislike me atm.

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