Bright White and Yellow Butterick 6175


One of the first projects I planned after giving up sewing for myself at Lent was this dress! It just took me a little while to get to it. :-) I had this yellow sweater, and when I saw the fabric at the store I knew they’d go great together, it was just screaming to be made into a dress.


I thought for a while about which pattern to use and settled on Retro Butterick 6175, an out of print pattern that I had seen and fallen in love with. Luckily I was able to find a copy close to my size on Etsy.


It was pretty simple to put together, the most involved part was the gathered sleeves. I’m very pleased with how they turned out!



More pics and details on my blog here. :-)


A dress with a story


If you remember the pink gingham dress from my last post on WSR, you will find the shape of this new dress familiar. I often sew up a pattern more than once and this one I wanted to tune a little to perfect the fit. It’s still not all that perfect, at least on me, which might be because of my round back. It kinda puckers in the middle back when I slouch, which I do a lot of, sadly. I guess it would be fine for someone with correct posture. I need to work on the fit of my clothes, I tend to get these issues with the fit on the back often.

I sewed this dress from a semi-sheer poly (my guess, I don’t really know what it is but it doesn’t wrinkle and the skirt is fluffy without a need for a pettitcoat) that I got loads of and I’m willing to sew more of it, because it’s cute and satisfying to work with. The dress is fully lined with cotton and blind hemmed by hand. It has a zipper at center back.


How I came about the fabric is a touching story, really, but I don’t want to keep this post too long on WSR so feel welcome to click through and read all about it on my blog.



Adventures in Circle Skirts

Hello guys and dolls! This is my first post to this lovely site after first discovering it, so I’m particularly excited (and nervous!) to be contributing myself.

My newest sewing adventure was completed about a week ago – she’s a darling full circle skirt, in navy cotton with white embroidered anchors. This is my first contribution to what I’m calling “Me Made Monday” (after Me Made May, which I loved participating in and seeing everyone’s creations), and I’d love to see y’all contributing too!


I have lots more photos and sewing details on my blog, so I won’t repeat it all here. Click here to check it out!

I’m looking forward to participating more here in the future, hope you like this simple project!

xx Lauren

The Yellow Du Barry Suit

It’s been a very busy spring in terms of sewing. Between participating in sew a-longs (see my Spring for Cotton blouse here) and getting ready for the big WWII airshow in Reading, PA, I’ve accomplished a lot! I’ve been making a healthy dent in the fabric stash as well as my personal vintage pattern sewing pledge.

Today I want to share with you the yellow crepe suit I made for the MAAM’s WWII airshow and reenactment weekend. The yellow crepe for this project was left over from my Winter Formal Dress made from Simplicity1469.  I received several nice compliments while wearing this. But this suit was so bright outside in the sunlight, yikes! Particularly when standing beside so many drab green military vehicles and tents.

Photo courtesy of Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments

The construction was fairly simple, though I did have some sizing issues to work out with the skirt. One of the things I really like about this suit is the mock blouse, or dicky, that is attached to the jacket. This could easily be changed out with one of a different color or style to create a completely new look.

I have more photos and construction information on my blog.

Summary of the Pattern
Fabric: Mustard/yellow crepe from discount fabric store
Pattern: Du Barry 5371
Year: 1942
Notions: Zipper, snaps, red bias tape, vintage buckle
How historically accurate is it? Very! The crepe is very close to dresses of the period and the trim was inspired by the pattern artwork.
Any tricky parts to the pattern? I had some fitting issues with the skirt when it came to attaching the waistband but was finally able to work those out. I think that was more on my (rear) end and not so much the pattern. :P
Did you change anything? Other then sizing I just added a few extra snaps
Time to complete: About a week and a half working during the evenings.
First worn: June 5, 2015 at the MAAM WWII weekend
Total cost: Around $30, although this is the second outfit made using this fabric so in reality it’s closer to $15
Notes: Overall very happy with how this turned out! Next time I’ll make the dicky a touch longer.

Gingham Pin-Up Swimsuit!

Hi All,

I was so inspired by my last bathing suit, that I knew I wanted to do another vintage inspired one right away- but this time I wanted to go a little more 50’s pin-up! So I made this!



IMG_2091 IMG_2066

This is my longline bikini bra top with high waisted bottoms- I’m really liking the proportion of a longline top and the highwaisted bottoms (and matching headband contributed by my mom)! I made it with this beautiful pinky-peach and white gingham swimwear fabric  and of course added lots of ruching details to give it that vintage vibe!


I drafted this top to be a strapless bra style, lined it with foam on the cups, 15 denier on the bridge, swim lining on the front and powernet on the back. And I added some boning at the side seams and the back edges so it would lay nice and flat on the body!


I finished the back off with a three strap/three G-hook closing using 3/4″ elastic covered in my swimwear.

I’m so in love with my new suit! I was waiting to make a very 50’s inspired suit- I don’t know why it took me this long!! This suit makes me want to lay on the beach drinking champagne and eating strawberries and listening to some fun 50’s music …. so dreamy….


I better take Gibby along with me!

If you want to see more details about this suit- or any of the bathing suits I’ve done on my Bra-A-Week Challenge- or maybe to contribute your own- then don’t forget to check out my post!


Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!!


xo erin

Retro Butterick ’57 halter-dress

butterick b4512 retro dress

This pattern is one of many that’s been waiting patiently for a special occasion. None more special than my sister’s wedding! But with all the excitement, we forgot to take blog-worthy, colour, full length shots. So we took a lovely evening stroll down the river last night, while the light was still good.

butterick b4512 retro dress

There were no major issues with the pattern though I did have to take an inch out of the upper bust. There’s no elastic in the back section so I had to make sure it fit closely to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!

butterick b4512 retro dress

Very happy with how it turned out. And can feel a selection of these in different colours coming on! Once I’d got the fit right, it was very quick to put together. Only the bodice is lined and I used a self-drafted circle skirt pattern I’d already created to save having a central seam as per the pattern.

butterick b4512 retro dress


I’m wearing the dress with a fab tulle petticoat I found in a charity shop but it looks just as good without when a slightly less dramatic look is required!


More details and photos over at ooobop!