One Short Day in the Emerald City….

Well Hello Everyone! I am incredibly sorry that it has been so long since my last post but alas, between working a second job and trying to fit in family time my life has been literally too hectic for crafting!! This idea all started when I had a sudden desire to make my own costume this year for Halloween. I absolutely love Halloween and everything about it! This time of year the leaves are beautiful, Jack-O-Lanterns fill the steps of houses, people get to dress up in fun costumes and just have a great time. To be honest, I have never really had much interest in making my own costume before because I (shamefully) have always bought a pre-packaged one or just threw on a pair of wings and a tiara and called it good! 

This year I decided to take my costume fate into my own hands and see what I could come up with. I knew that I wanted it to have a fun 50’s retro-vibe to it and came up with the idea of being a “Wicked Housewife” after finding this wonderful wicked witch silhouetted fabric at Jo-Ann’s (It was even on sale! I’m telling you it was totally fate!) I found this fabulous Simplicity pattern with a princess seamed bodice, full circle skirt and cute retro bow detail at the waist and decided to take the plunge :) 

I chose view B with the Added bow :)

I chose view B with the Added bow :)

With this dress I did a lot of firsts! It was my first time making a princess seamed bodice, using horsehair braid, and doing a full lining! I am so incredibly pleased with the way it turned out! For more construction details and photos check out my blog at Frillz, Mistakes and Fun!


A Fish Trap Tiki Dress

It’s just about summer down here in Australia – and that means it’s time to start sewing summer dresses!

I’ve just finished a ‘Design by Clothilde’ pattern 3170, and it’s from 1960 (although I tried my darnedest to make it looks 50s).

And the pattern – isn’t the neckline killer?!

The fabric is an Indigenous Australian design called ‘Fish Traps’, another Babbarra Women’s Centre print from Spotlight. Thank goodness I got it for $7 a meter on sale, as this sucker took five meters! (The fabric was originally $20/m).

I’m in love with these Babbarra prints, they looks really ‘tiki’ in my opinion!

I had to re-size from a 36″ bust to a 40″ bust (and the waist of course), but it worked out fine. I completely lined the bodice and added some side boning for stability.

I also changed the skirt from a pleated circle skirt, to box-pleated skirt cut straight on the grain – the fabric pattern would have looked a bit odd otherwise.

If you’d like to read further, I have more on my blog!


Bombshells and Seashells

bombshell swimsuit

I made me a swimsuit! And thanks to the wonderful pattern design by Closet Case Files I couldn’t be happier. Not technically a vintage pattern but it comes with a definite nod to the 50s! I love how it covers most of my body… and holds it all in!

I found it a bit fiddly to make, in places. And I can’t claim any experience working with spandex so I feel a bit of a fail on the inside where it looks a bit scruffy. I sewed the whole thing using a zig zag stitch and so the side seams for instance could really do with a bit of an overlock, especially where the rouched edges create more bulk.

bombshell swimsuit

I encased cups into the halter pieces and sewed them in position by hand with tiny hand stitches.

It really isn’t a bad fit for a first try but next time I would certainly make the elastic in the legholes a bit tighter and perhaps increase the body length a little bit.

More info and pics over on the blog

HSF Challenge 22: Gentlemen

Wow it looks like I don’t have hands in this picture….

So my Halloween costume ended up doubling as a HSF Challenge, specifically Challenge #22: Gentlemen. The aim of the challenge was to either create a garment for a man or a menswear inspired piece for a woman. Well I made overalls so I guess that counts!  I went as a Woman’s Land Army: Crop Corps member. The overall’s are made with denim from my stash, it has some stretch so I’m assuming the fabric has lycra in it (not historically accurate but using up the stash, yay!) The buttons, zipper and bias tape are also from stash. The only thing I had to purchase was the pattern. I used Wearing History’s Overall pattern (I see jeans and other pants in my future) during Lauren’s Kickstarter campaign. I chose not to line the bodice and instead I used bias tape to face it. The tops of the pockets are also faced. The buttons were from something my grandmother gave me to chop up but I can remember what. The hem is hand stitched and so it the zipper. I added a zipper instead of the button placket because 1 I didn’t feel like making all those buttonholes, 2 I didn’t have more of the same buttons in the stash and 3 I wasn’t quite sure how to attach the placket so I try that another time when I don’t have a deadline. With the overalls I made a WLA armband. I used red and navy yarn for the design and some scrap navy fabric for the main piece. These overalls are super comfy once you get used to the lower crotch length. Mummum gave me the shirt to wear with it and then I just wore my brown boots to complete the look. I feel like I should have my hair in a bandanna or a snood but oh well.

The Scoop:
Fabric: Stretch Denim from the Stash
Pattern: Wearing History Overall and Trouser Pattern

Year: 1940’s
Notions: Bias tape in two colors for top and pockets, two button and a zipper.
Hours to Complete: Sewn over 4 days including a mock up
First worn?: Halloween
Make again?: Yes! plus pants and shorts and a short overall playsuit too!
Total cost: $12 for the pattern but everything else came from the stash.
I’ll Leave you with a picture of me wearing my new overalls with my red wool Ike Jacket but pop on over to to see more

Camera Addict

After a few months of working on big historical costuming projects, I needed a break for a quick vintage project I could whip up for some instant gratification sewing.


So a dirndl skirt in the cutest camera novelty print fabric was just the ticket! Usually, I stay away from novelty prints but I just had to have this one being that my husband is a photographer.


It didn’t hurt that the print included three of my favorite colors-mint, orange and chartreuse! I’m not sure I would have picked to pair these colors together myself but somehow they work. More photos and construction details over on my blog.

Have you tried any new prints or color combinations lately?