A T-Shirt’s What You Make It


Cleaning up my mac I found some scans I’d taken from a 1952 edition of Woman magazine from England and thought you might enjoy this one. Click on the image below to enlarge.



Pants fitting help needed:-)


I have sewn up a toile for a pair of pants from Vogue 6098  and I’d really like some opinions on fit. The fit feels as if the front is really flat and  looks odd. What alterations should I be making for a good fit? I have had such a disaster with jeans and slacks in the past ! rtw is just no good:-)

I was also hoping to add a fly zipper and perhaps a shaped waistband if it all goes ok!

p.s sorry the photos are a bit blurry.



fitting help needed

Presto Pjs


PJ cutting layout- shows how F. & B. pants pieces are almost identical & the continuos placket

VV Weldons pattern pjs

The modern make and Weldons pattern cover

Take a late 40′s or early 50s Weldons pj pattern add a fun flamingo cotton border print bought yesterday and hey presto- pjs. It’s an unprinted pattern but the original seamstress very helpfully pencil labeled each pattern piece. I joined the two pants pattern pieces together down the sides so there is no side seam on my version… but as the top of the pants has pleats and a tailored waistband I still had to make a slash placket on the left hip to get them on and off. I also left 2 of the back pleats unpleated, which gave me about 3 inches extra in the waist. I cut a longer waistband and slotted in a bit of elastic into the centre back to create some ‘give’. I had bought  2 and a half metres of fabric with no particular usage in mind but looking through my pattern stash this one seemed perfect.  Unfortunately the fabric was only 45″ wide and so I had to lose 3″ off the length of the top to fit all the pieces in. The crotch is very low and almost comes to a point rather than the scooped out shape modern trousers have. However this makes them seem really comfy. I still need to add buttons and buttonholes and will be sleep testing properly tonight. But so far I’d say I will definitely be using this pattern again- easy to wear, uncomplicated to make- a relaxing project for a change.

Navy circle skirt

Hello there,

It’s my very first post for We sew retro. As I’m not a very good sewer, till now, I ‘d prefer to read the posts than to write any.

But, you know, sometimes you have to jump the gate and here I am !

I have already sewn different oufits for myself, skirt, tops, dress… or for my kids (most of the time, costumes). As I am a tap dance teacher, I’m also used to do myself the stage costumes and accessories. And I did it very simple.

This time, I had in mind a fifties circle skirt.

I find the fabric in a little shop in Saint Malo ( Britanny), it looks a little vintage and I like it !

It reminds me these Mediterranean summer outfit and it was obvious that it will turn into a circle skirt !


My sewing skills are limited and I have learned to make clothes just by looking at them. Usually I look closely at all the details and try to copy them. This time, I thought that it would be easy to cut the fabric, to ruffle the top of the skirt and to add a waist. And that what I did.

Quite simple but exactly what I ‘d wish !


a Little Black Dress

This both is and isn’t a retro project… In my opinion, this dress is as close to the quintessential ‘little black dress’ as I can get. And that is so timeless you can’t really consider it a vintage style. And yet it is.

voorAnyway, I made a little black dress. It’s sleeveless, V-necked and pencil-skirted and made from mid-weight black stretch cotton. As usual, I drafted my own pattern.

To suit the style and material, it’s more closely fitted than the majority of things I make (and, because of that stretch, still comfortable).

achterI originally planned to make things to wear with it, like pockets-on-a-belt and a separate peplum. My late 1940′s and early 1950′s magazines are full of stuff like that. However, I’m having second thoughts about such add-ons. The dress is nice with a skinny belt in a contrast colour though. And with just about every cardigan and jacket I own. So, I think it already has enough different looks…

More information and more on my blog.

The BEST Pile of 1970s Patterns EVER

I drove an hour to an estate sale last weekend expressly for sewing patterns. All because there was a PUCCI pattern that was shown. I am SO glad I went! I ended up buying almost 100 patterns. There were some of the most awesome 70s jumpsuit patterns I’ve ever seen as well as some basic ones. I am keeping some, and letting go of some of the others (a girl can’t keep allllll the patterns, you know). And my biggest problem? Which to sew first!?