Gingham Pin-Up Swimsuit!

Hi All,

I was so inspired by my last bathing suit, that I knew I wanted to do another vintage inspired one right away- but this time I wanted to go a little more 50’s pin-up! So I made this!



IMG_2091 IMG_2066

This is my longline bikini bra top with high waisted bottoms- I’m really liking the proportion of a longline top and the highwaisted bottoms (and matching headband contributed by my mom)! I made it with this beautiful pinky-peach and white gingham swimwear fabric  and of course added lots of ruching details to give it that vintage vibe!


I drafted this top to be a strapless bra style, lined it with foam on the cups, 15 denier on the bridge, swim lining on the front and powernet on the back. And I added some boning at the side seams and the back edges so it would lay nice and flat on the body!


I finished the back off with a three strap/three G-hook closing using 3/4″ elastic covered in my swimwear.

I’m so in love with my new suit! I was waiting to make a very 50’s inspired suit- I don’t know why it took me this long!! This suit makes me want to lay on the beach drinking champagne and eating strawberries and listening to some fun 50’s music …. so dreamy….


I better take Gibby along with me!

If you want to see more details about this suit- or any of the bathing suits I’ve done on my Bra-A-Week Challenge- or maybe to contribute your own- then don’t forget to check out my post!


Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!!


xo erin

Retro Butterick ’57 halter-dress

butterick b4512 retro dress

This pattern is one of many that’s been waiting patiently for a special occasion. None more special than my sister’s wedding! But with all the excitement, we forgot to take blog-worthy, colour, full length shots. So we took a lovely evening stroll down the river last night, while the light was still good.

butterick b4512 retro dress

There were no major issues with the pattern though I did have to take an inch out of the upper bust. There’s no elastic in the back section so I had to make sure it fit closely to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!

butterick b4512 retro dress

Very happy with how it turned out. And can feel a selection of these in different colours coming on! Once I’d got the fit right, it was very quick to put together. Only the bodice is lined and I used a self-drafted circle skirt pattern I’d already created to save having a central seam as per the pattern.

butterick b4512 retro dress


I’m wearing the dress with a fab tulle petticoat I found in a charity shop but it looks just as good without when a slightly less dramatic look is required!


More details and photos over at ooobop!


Glamour Swimsuit

Hi All!

Long time no-post here- I’ve been so busy over on my blog with my Bra-A-Week Challenge, making up lingerie and swimwear. But I made a very vintage swimsuit this week that I knew I had to share with you all! It is a one-piece suit, with a ruched front modesty panel and triangle cup-top, and the back is a non-ruched modesty panel with cut out-details!

IMG_2004 IMG_1994

I got the inspiration for this suit from my two of my biggest girl crushes: Lana Del Rey and Kiera Knightly. The front is inspired by this suit worn by Lana (not sure what it was from, could just be a photo shoot) and the back is inspired by the suit that Kiera Knightly wore in the movie Atonement (could I just have all of her clothes from that movie please??)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.36.44 AM  Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.36.06 AM

I made it using this delicate printed swimwear fabric (because I’m not daring enough to actually wear white swimwear), and used some large brass coloured rings in the back for the details!


This was an entirely self-drafted pattern. I’ve made myself a base swimsuit sloper that I draft most of my swimwear from.  And it’s surprisingly easy to make any kind of swimwear from a good base sloper! Most of the edges of this swimsuit were finished with self-binding, except for the leg holes that I finished with all-rubber swim elastic, and the hem of the modesty panel that I just flipped up and stitched.  I also left a gap in the swim lining on the cups so I could put in molded triangle cups.




I LOVE my new suit!! You can check out more about this suit and my Bra-A-Week Challenge over on my blog- in case you are also a lingerie/swimwear maker who would like to join in the fun! :)

xo erin

Butterick 5603


to make it quick as I’m actually heading out the door now, I wanted to show you my last project.

I finished this dress yesterday and I’m still not sure if I like it or not.

So, all in all: it’s lined in light blue, has a side seam zipper, two of these loop-snap-button-things on the inside to keep the bra straps in place, I lowered the neckline from the original pattern and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do a full bust adjustement if your cup size is larger than a C and plan on making this dress. I wish I had done this, but oh well. With a minimizer bra it’s ok.


I know, I really need to vacuum my floor :D

DSCF4394I like the neckline in the back! *Ö*

DSCF4392Without a petticoat it’s still a nice dress, but I think I’m gonna sew one, just to be safe. I don’t even own a petticoat yet! *gasp*

DSCF4398 And a close up shot I really like.

Man, I really should’ve found a better background, but I don’t have anyone to snap a few photos of me :(

The bows can be detatched and are actually just knotted around the straps.


I hope you like it! :)

Here in Germany we’re reaching the high 90’s this weekend, so I guess it’s a perfect time to wear this dress outside!

Milkshakes for everyone!

Butterick 5880


I love this pattern and it’s one of my favourite things I’ve made so far.  For more details visit my website

1950’s Tulip Capelet

I thought I would share a few pictures of my recreation of a picture I found in a 1950’s sewing magazine.  A young girl was dress in a blue gingham dress and had this delightful matching blue capelet that evoke summer and fun all at the same time!  I knew I had to make one of my own and here is my version.  Feel free to visit my blog for the step by step details and the pattern!

Best Wishes,