McCalls 6331 Turned Into a Rockabilly Playsuit

This was perhaps one of the funnest challenges I have presented myself with. I have been dying to have a vintage playsuit but just do not have the funds to buy a true vintage one, nor a vintage pattern for one! But I did have the funds to buy an older McCalls romper pattern, #6331 that would do the job. A little bit of creativity combined with, what I am calling, a fly-away circle skirt, and I had the pin-up/rockabilly outfit of my dreams to wear to a beach bash dance I was attending.

IMG_6661 (2)

IMG_6671 (2)

You can read more about this make over on my blog, Seams Sew Retro!

Simplicity 8498 “Old Faithful” Made Petite

While searching for a quick and easy to make dress pattern, I came across my wonderfully versatile early 1970s Simplicity pattern which has earned the nickname “Old Faithful” as it hasn’t let me down yet!

I love the options for the dress. It can be, sleeveless, short- or long-sleeved; short or long in length; and can also have a belt with a button fastening at the back.

It’s suitable for a range of materials including cottons, linen, synthetics, crepes, brocade, wool and many more.

Depending on the style and material you choose, you can make a comfortable day dress or a striking evening dress suitable for any season!

1970s Simplicity Pattern “Old Faithful”

Adjusting the Length

One of the main reasons I make my own clothes is because I’m a petite fit with an extra short waist! This pattern is easy to adapt to fit your length, whether short or tall on the skirt and sleeves.

1970s Simplicity Pattern “Old Faithful” 01

1970s Simplicity Pattern “Old Faithful” 02

So I started by measuring from the shortening/lengthening point, the amount I needed to decrease, then folded the pattern down and pinned it. Simple!

Making the Dress

1970s Simplicity Pattern “Old Faithful” 03

1970s Simplicity Pattern “Old Faithful” 04

Arranging the pieces on the material was easy thanks to the simple instructions and the directions on each individual piece. They clearly explain how to follow the grain as well as how to make sure the pattern of the material flows well.

I decided to make a short sleeve, knee length dress so folded up the parts of the skirt and sleeve that I didn’t need.

1970s Simplicity Pattern “Old Faithful” 05

My dress fits perfectly and is incredibly comfortable! Once again the pattern hasn’t let me down!

1970s Simplicity Pattern “Old Faithful” - Result

1940’s Salmon Pink Suit

Hi everyone!!

Wanted to share my lasted vintage creation of a 1940’s suit.  I based it off of a picture from one of my fashion books and was very happy with how it turned out! :-)

I hope you like it too!!

 More pictures are on my blog if you are interested!




Have a wonderful day!!


Simply Red Sheath Dress (Butterick 6308, c. 1952)

I love being able to wear vintage (or reproductions) to work and this dress definitely fits the bill.


The pattern is Butterick 6308, a reproduction of one of their designs fom 1952.


I made my version out of stretch bengaline, which makes it super comfortable for work (and weight fluctuations).


I also added faux chest pockets, and vintage buttons sewn around the edge of the pockets – similar to a vintage dress I had seen online.


As for mods, I only made a few:


  • Cut a size smaller all over to allow for the stretch fabric
  • Lengthened the hem by an inch
  • Shortened the bodice by half an inch (short waist)
  • Lowered the under bust darts so they wern’t so pointy.


I definitely love this dress, and would consider making another but probably without the kick pleats as I found them a bit painful to press.

Thanks for reading, and as always more photos and information on my blog Subversive Femme