A jacket / cape by StinaP

Well, even if I haven’t posted here lately I’ve been sewing quite a bit – a silk blouse and lace skirt - and having a sort of wardrobe identity crises. You can read all about it on my blog. But I haven’t been sewing so much retro, until my most recent make – a jacket or cape from a 1950’s reproduction pattern.

Just before Lisbon, I whipped it up in a blue-grey wool with an ivory silk lining and some vintage rhinestones buttons as a final touch. For once, I used a commercial pattern (Vogue Vintage Model V2934, an original 1950’s design). Although I didn’t change the design – much – I did sew it differently from the directions.

And I’m just saying – I really love it. Please come over to my blog StinaP and get all the nerdy sewing detailsVintage vogue V2934 jacket front www.stinap.com

Vintage vogue V2934 jacket side www.stinap.com Vintage vogue V2934 jacket inside www.stinap.com Vintage vogue V2934 jacket back www.stinap.com

1950s Inspired Minty Bridesmaid Dresses – McCalls 6466

Last year I was honored to make 5 bridesmaid dresses for a dear friend of mine who loves vintage style as much as I do. She chose McCalls 6466, a super fun dress with TONS of tulle.


They came out so well, and I love the shape of the super full tulle skirt! This took dozens of yards of tulle per skirt, it was no joke, lol, but it was worth it. :-)


We had to mix and match the colors of tulle to find just the right combination to match the other fabric, that was an adventure.


A friend of mine came and took a few pics while I was fitting one of the bridesmaids, it was fun to have some photos of the process!


All the ladies looked lovely (and yes, one of them was expecting!! We added a stretchy waist along the back, I was a nervous wreck until the day of the wedding, lol, hoping the dress would fit and remain that way!)




This is definitely a dress to twirl in!!


More pics and details on my blog here. :-)

Christmas Outfit – Sencha from Colette

Hello ladies!

I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I’m already thinking about what to wear for Christmas xD

A few days ago I found this golden Satin-y fabric in my stash which didn’t look cheap at all. It’s not the polyester kind which is often used for cheap Halloween costumes. I think it’s cotton? In German it literally translates to “cotton-sateen” or “cotton-satin”. Basically, cotton which was manipulated to look shiny and then woven like satin (it’s called Atlas here.)

So I thought, why not use it for something that looks more festive. The past couple years I only wore loose fitting sweaters and a pair of sweat pants to Christmas. We’re not  very formal during the holidays. This year though, I asked if we could go somewhere to eat or if we could cook something nice and big.

Yadda yadda, we’re still going to stay at home but I decided to be all nice and fancy anway.

I chose the Sencha blouse from Colette. This is my third time makin this blouse and yet I still make the same mistakes!

If the sleeves look odd to you…well they are. I don’t have the mojo to change them right now but I eventually will.


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1919 Brown Plaid Dress

I thought I would share the 1919 Brown Plaid outfit I finished a few weeks ago!

While it proved, at times, to be a challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed creating my first from this particular year.

More pictures and information on how I made this dress on my blog.

Have a wonderful day! :-)





All the World’s a Stage: Elizabethan Corset

It’s a little more “retro” than what I normally would normally sew – or what’s normally posted here for that matter – but as lovers of fashion history, I thought you’d all still appreciate my latest make – an Elizabethan bodice!

I made it for my sister for her theatre performance, and she was so pleased with it! You can read more about it here on my blog :)

Until next time,

Miss Maddy x