Pants fitting help needed:-)


I have sewn up a toile for a pair of pants from Vogue 6098  and I’d really like some opinions on fit. The fit feels as if the front is really flat and  looks odd. What alterations should I be making for a good fit? I have had such a disaster with jeans and slacks in the past ! rtw is just no good:-)

I was also hoping to add a fly zipper and perhaps a shaped waistband if it all goes ok!

p.s sorry the photos are a bit blurry.



fitting help needed

Presto Pjs


PJ cutting layout- shows how F. & B. pants pieces are almost identical & the continuos placket

VV Weldons pattern pjs

The modern make and Weldons pattern cover

Take a late 40′s or early 50s Weldons pj pattern add a fun flamingo cotton border print bought yesterday and hey presto- pjs. It’s an unprinted pattern but the original seamstress very helpfully pencil labeled each pattern piece. I joined the two pants pattern pieces together down the sides so there is no side seam on my version… but as the top of the pants has pleats and a tailored waistband I still had to make a slash placket on the left hip to get them on and off. I also left 2 of the back pleats unpleated, which gave me about 3 inches extra in the waist. I cut a longer waistband and slotted in a bit of elastic into the centre back to create some ‘give’. I had bought  2 and a half metres of fabric with no particular usage in mind but looking through my pattern stash this one seemed perfect.  Unfortunately the fabric was only 45″ wide and so I had to lose 3″ off the length of the top to fit all the pieces in. The crotch is very low and almost comes to a point rather than the scooped out shape modern trousers have. However this makes them seem really comfy. I still need to add buttons and buttonholes and will be sleep testing properly tonight. But so far I’d say I will definitely be using this pattern again- easy to wear, uncomplicated to make- a relaxing project for a change.

Navy circle skirt

Hello there,

It’s my very first post for We sew retro. As I’m not a very good sewer, till now, I ‘d prefer to read the posts than to write any.

But, you know, sometimes you have to jump the gate and here I am !

I have already sewn different oufits for myself, skirt, tops, dress… or for my kids (most of the time, costumes). As I am a tap dance teacher, I’m also used to do myself the stage costumes and accessories. And I did it very simple.

This time, I had in mind a fifties circle skirt.

I find the fabric in a little shop in Saint Malo ( Britanny), it looks a little vintage and I like it !

It reminds me these Mediterranean summer outfit and it was obvious that it will turn into a circle skirt !


My sewing skills are limited and I have learned to make clothes just by looking at them. Usually I look closely at all the details and try to copy them. This time, I thought that it would be easy to cut the fabric, to ruffle the top of the skirt and to add a waist. And that what I did.

Quite simple but exactly what I ‘d wish !


a Little Black Dress

This both is and isn’t a retro project… In my opinion, this dress is as close to the quintessential ‘little black dress’ as I can get. And that is so timeless you can’t really consider it a vintage style. And yet it is.

voorAnyway, I made a little black dress. It’s sleeveless, V-necked and pencil-skirted and made from mid-weight black stretch cotton. As usual, I drafted my own pattern.

To suit the style and material, it’s more closely fitted than the majority of things I make (and, because of that stretch, still comfortable).

achterI originally planned to make things to wear with it, like pockets-on-a-belt and a separate peplum. My late 1940′s and early 1950′s magazines are full of stuff like that. However, I’m having second thoughts about such add-ons. The dress is nice with a skinny belt in a contrast colour though. And with just about every cardigan and jacket I own. So, I think it already has enough different looks…

More information and more on my blog.

The BEST Pile of 1970s Patterns EVER

I drove an hour to an estate sale last weekend expressly for sewing patterns. All because there was a PUCCI pattern that was shown. I am SO glad I went! I ended up buying almost 100 patterns. There were some of the most awesome 70s jumpsuit patterns I’ve ever seen as well as some basic ones. I am keeping some, and letting go of some of the others (a girl can’t keep allllll the patterns, you know). And my biggest problem? Which to sew first!?

Simplicity 9723 With a Twist

9723Simplicity 9723 is an approximate 1900′s based stage costume pattern. A friend is having an old West themed Halloween party and my plans to make this and go as a school marm were set.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) when I went to the fabric store, my mind started wandering. Add in that the theme of the party was subtly changed to “post-apocalyptic old West” and I started looking at more fun fabrics than I had originally planned. Somehow that landed me in the section with the pleathers and other odd-ball fabrics I just don’t use.

An hour later I came out of the fabric store a lot poorer, and with almost 20 yards of fabric. I actually over-bought on two of my fabric choices by a total of about 2.5 yards because this pattern is not terribly clear on the allowances concerning the changes I planned on making.

Still, better to over-buy than to not have enough, right?

This pattern calls for the blouse and skirt to be made as one piece, which I did not want to do. It also calls for a lot of trims and laces added, only one of which I used- the collar. After making all my changes and adjustments, I’m really pleased with the outcome and the jacket is so wild!

The ruffles on the petticoat caused me some grief and I had to pleat the skirt rather then gather it because it just would not pull along my gathering threads, but otherwise I feel really good about it. Stop by my blog at Deb’s In Stitches and see more about what I did.

The site seems to be having a loading issue with some images right now- if the pictures of my finished project aren’t loading, please click thru to my blog!