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High Waisted Denim Love by m1khaela featuring highwaisted jeans “But you don’t want to wear MOM jeans, do you?” Said my mom, to me, after a frustrating hour-long jeans try-on-a-thon at our local Old Navy. I had just rejected yet another pair of “classic-rise” jeans that weren’t even making a serious attempt at approaching my [...]


I recently finished this mixed era dress and I love it. I think I’ve worn it at least three times in the past two weeks! I can’t feel anything but happy when wearing this – I think it’s the brilliant green colours… The pattern is one I drafted myself based on a 1950′s design (this [...]


Before I post some pics of my most recent project, I’d like to send out a big ‘Thank You’ to Lladybird, a contributor here at We Sew Retro, for the inspiration. Back in March, she posted a top she had made from a full length silk skirt and I thought to myself: what a great idea! [...]


Hi! My name’s Marie and this is my first post here, despite having been a huge fan of We Sew Retro since its launch and a loyal follower and contributor to the old Sew Retro. I’ve been stupidly dragging my feet about registering here – being a blogger user I was scared of the unknown [...]