Swimwear / Sunwear

I recently made a bikini using this pattern: Please visit my blog Creative Accomplishments for more info+pics!


Or rather, I started one, because follow-through isn’t as much of an issue for me as the initial get-up-and-go. I’ve had Vogue 9996 (1960) in my stash since 2008 but I finally got around to putting it all together last week. You can read the final notes here, which includes links to the original two [...]


I probably will never have an occasion to wear a glamorous swimsuit. For me, the only time I need to wear a swimsuit is if I’m kayaking, and even then I don’t always wear a suit. Since I’ve gained my peri-menopausal spare tire with accompanying saddle bags, I don’t even wear a suit without wearing [...]


This is a retro-style suit I made from a self-drafted pattern. It was my first swimsuit and my first attempt at drafting, so it was a long process. I eventually gave up the drafting and just improvised. I documented it in exhaustive detail on my blog, Chronically Uncool. All the posts about this adventure are [...]