Swimwear / Sunwear

I know everyone has been making the bombshell suit, and I’m no different. I made it a little different than most people have, by making viw C, the high waisted bikini. For the halter top, I used McCall’s 5400. These are both modern patterns, so this can easily be made by anyone. Even though this [...]


Last summer I spotted the cutest vintage/retro cherry print swimsuit.  I held off on buying it because I didn’t want to spend the $90.  I’m so glad I did because I was able to make an almost exact copy using the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern by Closet Case Files. This pattern is just that, the bomb! [...]


Hello there Sew Retro-ers! I hope you are having a lovely summer. Mine is surprisingly summery and sunny and gave me a chance to flaunt my new Bombshell Swimsuit on the beach. This is the first swimsuit I ever made and despite some extra engineering steps that went into supporting the bust, sewing this swimsuit [...]


I love these pants they are so comfy fitting Just had to alter the bottom a little as one thing that did not impress me of the 70′s was the bell bottoms . It brings back memories of my mother making me wear my older sisters hand me downs.Some were cute to be honest but [...]


I’ve been a fan of designer Claire McCardell and her sportswear aesthetic for years.  I was lucky enough to run across one of the few designs she did for McCall patterns in 1957 and 58, just before she died.  I recently got around to finally making some of the pieces in the pattern, a halter top and [...]


I picked up this vintage 1950′s pattern at a local fabric shop and was so excited to have something so old to work with. This was uncut and still in its factory folds when I got my grubby hands all over it. Like a good girl, I traced my pieces and then carefully folded them [...]


So excited to post this! I was really inspired by pictures of swimsuits from the 40s and especially loved the two-piece ones with the halter tops and little skirts.  Before I started work on this swimsuit I was terrified of sewing with stretch fabrics and even more intimidated by making an actual swimsuit but it all turned out [...]


Hello Sew Retro-ers, It has been waaaay too long since I last posted on Sew Retro.  In fact, last time I posted it was at the old site! I began working on this swim suit about two months ago.  It is currently at a standstill, because shortly after I started the project I found out [...]


I apologise in advance. I bought this fabric last week from an Opportunity Shop and it has been positively screaming at me to make it into something. Visualising beach sunset colours I used it to make Vogue 9749 from 1959, however my family are likening it more to the colours of  fake tan and sunburn. [...]


To follow on from the Timeline of Vintage Pattern Illustrations post, I thought I might just post my recently completed 1947 Bathing Suit (what a coincidence!) It was a really easy pattern (although the bias frill on the apron front took up a bit of fabric). Has anyone else completed any of the patterns on [...]