Sewing Machines

My husband brought this gorgeous sewing machine home last Friday. He got it at a local thrift shop for $20!!! All it needs is a good cleaning and a new belt. I can’t wait for him to fix her us so that I can really start sewing retro style. I’ve got the close ups on [...]


So my machine s broken. Totally crazy. Cleaned it, had it in pieces & still, it will nt work properly, so it’s being returned. Which will leave me sans sewing machine. GAH! On a brighter note, I am attending a couple of 40s weekends & ordered these patterns to complete my outfit I’m a sucker [...]

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I am the type of person who needs a deadline to work against (which is why I just finished my taxes today.) When I have an event to get a project done for, no problem, I start early and work diligently until it is done. But in absence of any looming drop-dead date, my sewing [...]