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To Keep or Not to Keep

By on February 15, 2012

I’ll try this one more time I think must have done something wrong the first time I wrote this. My husband found these feet at a garage sell and bought them for me. I said,”Cool, now I need a sewing machine to go with them.” He said,”Oh, you mean these won’t work with the machine you have already.” A 2007 Brother from Costco. No, they won’t work. He said get rid of them they only cost 50 cents. A couple months later I found this for 20 bucks.

I was so excited to find a machine that the feet would go to and failed to ask if it worked, and it doesn’t. The motor turns on, but the needle doesn’t move. I tried to figure out if, but I couldn’t. The internet would lead me to believe it’s not worth saving. I found a lot of negative comments about the friction plates going out. My husband suggest I bundle it all up and leave it at the end of the driveway and hope someone takes it. What do ya’ll think?

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Sewing Machines

Cleaning an old Singer sewing machine

By on February 12, 2012

As long as I can remember I have wanted an old Singer sewing machine. The dream came true a few months ago. Oh joy! I got it along with many other vintage treasures (read more about that here) It is black with a hand crank and I love it.

I was a little unsure of how old the sewing machine was, but Singer has made a very handy list where you can check the serial number and find out what year the machine was made. You can find the list here. My sewing machine is from 1922. How cool is that?

The sewing machine was in good condition, except that it needed a thorough clean. I started on the lid.

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Singer is singing again ;)

By on February 10, 2012

I have a old Singer  sewing machine, like most people probably they are common.

But I had it fixed up and serviced.

It was long and hard journey but now she is well and working again.

Singer sewing machine 309 M

Now it onwards with my wearable art dress, deadline coming up fast more on that as soon as I have more images.

I will be showing other images on my blog as soon as I get further along but here is a teaser 🙂

bar styled

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1910s | Sewing Machines

Two vintage machines

By on October 31, 2011

I thought I’d share my recent acquisitions with you all. I know many of you also have an interest in vintage machines and use them regularly.

My boyfriend recently started work at the local rubbish tip, and saved these two from being thrown in the scrap metal skip as a surprise for me.

Excuse the fuzzy photo, I didn’t notice the child-size fingerprints on my lense until later!

The cream one is a Frister & Rossmann, probably dating from the 50s (?), and the other is a Jones’ Family C.S. (cylindrical shuttle): both are hand cranked, with treadle capability. I’m concentrating on one machine at a time, and have been working with the Jones’ first.

It came with it’s original manual (in a slightly sorry state) and attachments box full of goodies:

Manual and attachments box

The decal on the shoulder has “As supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra” around the crest, which dates it to around 1910.

Shoulder decal detail

For more photos and details, visit my full post here. I’ll be tackling the Frister and Rossmann later this week.

This makes it up to four sewing machines I own, all vintage (the youngest is almost 50 years old).

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Sewing Machines

Are you serging in there or executing cats?

By on October 15, 2011
Babylock 418 Serger
Babylock 418 Serger

My new (to me, at least) Babylock serger. It’s from the 80s and appears to be in good shape, but it sounds pretty creaky and sad when its running.

The stitch is well formed and balanced; it just sounds bad. I’ve given it the amount of oil the handbook recommends, but that didn’t appear to have much effect.

What I know about serger maintenance could be written on the back of an ant’s hat, so do we have any serger gurus out there? I’m toying with the idea of just drowing it in oil; is this a bad plan? Google has failed me in this instance.

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My new dream machine – vintage Singer 99

By on October 7, 2011

Just had to share a couple of photos of the lovely Singer 99 I bought yesterday in a local charity store.  She is in lovely condition, all decals intact, and more importantly has her original instruction book, tool kit and set of feet –  hadn’t ever thought about using a ruffler, under braider, quilter or hemmer, let alone a tuckmarker or five-stitch pleater, but hey, I try to keep an open mind on these things.

I wasn’t sure of her exact date but the lovely folks at Singer have a serial number checker on their website, machine-serial-numbers link here.  I was able to accurately date this little beauty to 1939.

Test run will be taking place here in the Fens this weekend.  Happy retro sewing! brocobelle

STOP PRESS — STOP PRESS — STOP PRESS Have just lugged my little 99-er up onto my work table, threaded her & – hoping that she maybe had a bobbin already in there! – cranked the handle. She runs like a dream, a pleasing combination of purring and clicking as the handle turns. She manoeuvres really nicely on curves. Keen to try some free embroidery with her. Phew!

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SOS! Need help dating a vintage machine!

By on February 2, 2011

OK, folks, I need some help dating one of my vintage machines and getting some spare parts.

The specs:

  • “New Home Light Running Rotary” in a cabinet.
  • Serial no. is ALB201 which means it was manufactured by Free but badged “New Home”.
  • I have the original “Guarantag” dated Feb 20, 1951 but no model number. I’m looking to find the date of manufacture, not date of sale.
  • A mark that looks like an arrowhead with an “8” underneath also appears on the machine.
  • The machine is goldtone and is electric powered with a Westinghouse motor

I need to acquire:

  • New automatic bobbin winder rubber wheelie – the rubber is completely rotted
  • Rubber wheelie thingy that goes from the motor to drive the handwheel – there’s a groove in the rubber that causes major slippage

I’m refreshing my vintage machines, so I can use them again and I’ve hit a wall here.

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