Sewing Machines

I have a old Singer  sewing machine, like most people probably they are common. But I had it fixed up and serviced. It was long and hard journey but now she is well and working again. Now it onwards with my wearable art dress, deadline coming up fast more on that as soon as I [...]


I thought I’d share my recent acquisitions with you all. I know many of you also have an interest in vintage machines and use them regularly. My boyfriend recently started work at the local rubbish tip, and saved these two from being thrown in the scrap metal skip as a surprise for me. Excuse the [...]


My new (to me, at least) Babylock serger. It’s from the 80s and appears to be in good shape, but it sounds pretty creaky and sad when its running. The stitch is well formed and balanced; it just sounds bad. I’ve given it the amount of oil the handbook recommends, but that didn’t appear to [...]


Just had to share a couple of photos of the lovely Singer 99 I bought yesterday in a local charity store.  She is in lovely condition, all decals intact, and more importantly has her original instruction book, tool kit and set of feet -  hadn’t ever thought about using a ruffler, under braider, quilter or [...]


OK, folks, I need some help dating one of my vintage machines and getting some spare parts. The specs: “New Home Light Running Rotary” in a cabinet. Serial no. is ALB201 which means it was manufactured by Free but badged “New Home”. I have the original “Guarantag” dated Feb 20, 1951 but no model number. I’m [...]


For those of you residing in central Ohio, yesterday I discovered a White treadle sewing machine in the Volunteers of America thrift store on Indianola Avenue. The cabinet was in rough shape, but the machine looked really good. I didn’t see a price, but I was purposely not looking too hard. I couldn’t justify getting [...]

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My friend Zephorah and I love to sew, SO we decided to do a vintage inspired shoot, with my fab Montgomery Ward Signature machine from 1971. Check out a dreamy interview with Zephorah and more photos on my blog. model: zephorah photos: lesley w. dress: 16 Stone vintage


I found this sewing machine over the weekend: The brand is called Koyo and it’s Japanese. It works perfectly and I was very happy to find that it has a foot for doing blind hems. I haven’t been able to find any information on the brand, though, so if anyone knows anything about it, I’d [...]


96 years old, and she still has perfect tension! My parents’ basement flooded recently and in the process of mucking it out, my mother came across a beautiful Vintage Singer. She didn’t remember its source at first, and my Bobie (grandmother) didn’t think it was hers either. But after some thought and digging around in [...]


I had to share this with you all because I knew you’d appreciate it. I picked up this Singer 99k circa 1956 at an estate sale yesterday for $40 USD! It’s in great shape and runs like a dream. Sorry for the poor photo quality, my husband had our camera and all I had was [...]