Pants / Trousers

Well, I still haven’t taken pictures of the finished wool dress, but I just came upon the pictures of these pants that I made over the summer and never got around to posting. These are another pair of pants made from the ever popular Simplicity 3688. I’ve used the pattern before for a pair of [...]


I haven’t shared anything on Sew Retro since the summer, sorry about that. I have been busy sewing though. See my blog if you are interested. Instead of posting any of the projects I have made in the meantime I am sharing my most recent pattern love with you. It’s not a vintage pattern but [...]


I found a bunch of these Simplicity books wedged in with the patterns. This one just tickled me pink! Denim is worn everyday out here even to church on Sundays. I’m guessing this catalog must be 70s. I cannot find a date on it. Here’s a few pages. Enjoy! Are you feeling the need to [...]


I love these pants they are so comfy fitting Just had to alter the bottom a little as one thing that did not impress me of the 70′s was the bell bottoms . It brings back memories of my mother making me wear my older sisters hand me downs.Some were cute to be honest but [...]


  Summer is the perfect time for shorts and these shorts are so fun! (Yes, they are shorts!). I used Wearing History’s Rita pleated shorts pattern.   They are crazy fun to wear and I’m so wishing that I’d made them earlier in the summer!     The pattern is based off of late 30s/early [...]


(Click on the smaller images to access fullsize versions) With everybody else raving about Simplicity 3688, I went to Simplicity 6433 and its ‘Fuss Free Fit’ for my first pair of ‘granny trousers’: it suddenly dawned on me that back in the 1980s trousers actually used to fit me right off the rail in addition [...]


After listening to the blog world flip out over this trouser pattern, I finally jumped on the bandwagon & made some for myself. You guys – they are TOTALLY deserving of all the fuss! Such a great, simple trouser pattern, with a nearly perfect fit out of the envelope. Consider me in love Mine are [...]


I decided to give these shorts a go, since I’ve always loved the look of high waisted shorts but don’t actually own any! Im usually NOT a shorts person, but these have converted me! They were easy to sew up & came together quite quickly (which i know we all love!). I chose a light [...]


Hi all,  I thought I would  show you how a little project I was given by a friend turned out… 1940s button front swing trousers copied from an old pair (not sure how original they were !) but made up in corderoy, not my favorite fabric, but she was so pleased with them she wants a [...]


Hi all, this is my first post here. During the spring I have wished for a pair of Freddies of Pinewood jeans but haven’t dared to buy them. Been afraid that the high waist and old fashioned shape would not fit me. So what to do? Decided to try sewing a pair 50s jeans. Found [...]