Mildly Insane Photo

Okay, so the whole ‘shepherdess’ thing is just a ruse.   If you find me in the barn, odds are I’m spending some quality time with the Sawzall.  That truck won’t modify itself afterall! Oh yeah, and I made that satin skirt. Stop by the Willow Homestead if you want to read about it.


I’ve been a jobless, stay-at-home seamstress for the last several months. It’s really hard to get a job as an American here in Norway and my best options have been grocery clerk or waiting tables… not exactly easy to swallow when I’ve worked so hard for my (apparently useless) education. I’ve been sewing this dress [...]


If I had a penny for every time a new poster said “I’ve been reading for ages but I’ve been so nervous about posting pictures!” I would have at least $1.37 It can be nerve wracking putting yourself out there, but there’s really no need to feel shy. It’s a proven fact that WeSewRetro fans [...]