Hello everyone!  I’m wondering if anyone has the instructions that they would share for McCall’s 8744. I had gotten this pattern in a lot on ebay, but there aren’t any instructions.  I know I can figure it out myself, but I’m not really in the mood to, nor have the time with the kids!    [...]


I’ve been seeing corsets absolutely everywhere lately, so it’s wonderful timing that the lovely people at Corset-Story have given us not one but three of these beautiful black lace boned corsets to give away. Three winners means triple your usual chances to win so get your entry in now! Corset-Story has an enormous selection of corsets and [...]


Today over on A Few Threads Loose I posted about a wonderful piece of vintage lingerie from my personal collection. I wanted to share it with all of you over here at We Sew Retro as well because it was just too pretty not to! This 1930′s bra has many hand made details but has [...]


On Good Friday, I attended The Dreamstress’s corset making class at the Thread Den in Melbourne. The day was a blast and I came out with a great little corset and a lot of things learnt, and new people met. To think you can create this in around 10 hours is amazing! A couple more [...]


We’ve finished the first part of our Ooh La La Pin Up Sew Along.  For those of you who haven’t heard about our sew along, Anna from a Few Threads Loose and Mrs Depew Vintage and I (Ohhh Lulu) teamed up in February to host a co-sew along.  We have just finished our interpretations of [...]


Good morning and wonderful Sunday, everyone. This Sunday I have stylish British patterns from a late 1930s pattern booklet. Enjoy.

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I was so inspired by this 1930′s strapless bra from the Victoria & Albert museum that I decided I needed to make something similar, but with straps. This is what I came up with. It has similar lines to the 1930′s era bra, but is less structured.  It is fully lined, but does not have [...]


A royal blue figure-hugging V-neck Joan dress with cuffs? And a bow? Oh, yes, please. Are you as excited by Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Challenge as I am? A Joanie dress has been on my epic to-sew list for EONS now. I actually missed the entire last season of the show (I blame my awesome [...]


I do, now!   What with the Seamless pledge and all, I’ve been trying to make everything in my wardrobe, from the inside out, so I figured it was time to tackle underpants.  I drafted them up from Natalie Bray’s More Dress Pattern Designing, which calls them “pilch knickers”–I’m not sure why.   These days, [...]


Ladies, I present the Ooh la la Pin-Up Sew-Along: Fellow blogger and lingerie expert Sarah from Ohhh Lulu is joining me over at A Few Threads Loose in this delicate endeavor. We’ll be sewing two lingerie patterns, first a 1950′s French Corset and Garter Belt pattern (so much easier than it sounds!) followed by a [...]