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· Vintage Petticoat Comparison ·

By on October 28, 2016


Anyone who wears 1950s styles will know that a good petticoat will take your dress from “meh” to “fabulous” in an instant! But the world of petticoats can also be overwhelming and, let’s face it, expensive. I’ve tried several different styles in the 7+ years I’ve been wearing vintage and I’m excited to finally put all my thoughts in one place! I have a few economical ideas, a few reviews of popular reproduction brands, and mainly- loads of photos! Hop on over to my blog, Mode de Lis, for the full run-down!

Happy petticoating! I’d also love to hear of any experiences you’ve had with petticoats- do you have any favorites?


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I need help! Costum / one of a kind Lace?!!!?

By on July 14, 2016


I am a student studying fashion design, I am focusing on designing bridal and evening wear. I am very interested to create my own “one of a kind” original lace for my upcoming collection project. And I was wondering if there are any tips of how to do this/ or any places to go? I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much!!!

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Retro Butterick 5152 Dressing Gown

By on January 7, 2016

YAY! This is my very first post on We Sew Retro!  I have been silently stalking in the background, but never had the courage to post till now.

I’ve had Butterick 5152 in my vintage-inspired pattern box for quite a while and had intentions on making a dressing gown that was pretty enough to lounge around the house in when I was disinterested in wearing clothes.  (Like, every Sunday afternoon!)  But the red charmeuse in my stash was vying for my attention, so I changed my mind and went for an over-the-top gown with feathers and lace!

The pattern was not too tricky, save the yoke.  It was awful!  I LOATHE hand-sewing!  The feather trim was also a nightmare as the feathers were already attached to a strip of ribbon, but apparently they were glued to the ribbon, so the glue ended up ruining three needles and made all the stitches skip. Ugh!  : >(

Otherwise, I ADORE this gown! While it is no good for lounging, it’s perfect for a romantic evening at home with hubby and a flute of bubbly!

For more eye candy, see my blog post.

Thanks for looking!

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Historical undergarments from the Victorian era

By on November 19, 2015

Hello everyone!

A few months ago, I decided to construct an entire Victorian outfit. And in doing so, one always start from the inside out, building a foundation and the right silhouette for the finished ensemble.

Today I was finally able to dress up in my very first set of Victorian undergarments, complete with chemise, split crotch drawers and corset. And it felt and looked rather splendid 🙂 The process has been really interesting, and I have learned so much about womens wear of the 19th century.


The pattern for this set is Laughing Moon #100, the corset is the Silverado version with bust gores. It is a good pattern for first time corsetiers, and since it includes chemises and drawers it really is good value for money.

If you would like to follow my journey towards the finished outfit, or just read more about these first pieces, you can do so here.

Thanks for looking, and happy sewing!

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Old World Charm & Burlesque Glamour

By on October 7, 2015

On a shopping expedition a couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to land myself a gorgeous remnant of burgundy stretch velvet. But what is one to make with such a small amount of such a ridiculously luxuriant fabric? Why, make ridiculously luxurious lingerie of course!

In planning this set, there were two main inspirations I wanted to bring together: the elegant, classic pin-up look of the longline bra and garter belt, and the lush and often outrageous fabrics and lace seen in burlesque-style lingerie and costumes. So here it is, in velvet and lace, a three piece set: longline bra, garter belt and panties! You can read more about the patterns, alterations and construction details on my blog 🙂

Burlesque Lingerie Set Longline bra in red velvet and lace Garter belt in red velvet and lace


Until next time,

Miss Maddy x

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The History Of The Dressing Gown

By on July 23, 2015


For Lingerie Sewing month over on the Sewcialists blog I wrote a review of the Buchanan dressing gown. I had a lot of fun making the pattern, but I also had a lot of fun researching the history of the dressing gown. I thought that as lovers of all things retro sewing related, you would all be interested in this history lesson!

A dressing gown is a loose, open-front gown that is closed with a fabric belt. It is most frequently worn over pajamas or under garments while you are getting ready for the day or preparing to go to bed. Prior to the 19th century, dressing gowns were mainly worn by men as a less confining clothing option and during informal social gatherings. For women, the dressing gown offered a break from corsets and petticoats. Typically a woman would wear her dressing gown while doing all of her day-to-day activities, from eating breakfast to sewing!

Historically cotton, silk and wool are the fabrics used to create dressing gowns and the ladies at Gather Kits suggest light to medium weight fabric with drape for the Buchanan which I think works really well and makes my dressing gown very wearable. To learn more about the history of the dressing gown head over to NPR and to see my finished dressing gown head over to the Sewcialists blog!

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1930s Dressing Gown

By on June 2, 2015

This was definitely a step away from my usual cotton day dresses and wool skirts!  My latest sewing project was a full-length dressing gown using the 1930s Butterfly Blouse pattern from Decades of Style.  This pattern has been around for quite some time and has several reviews online.  Everyone who’s made it was thrilled with the fit, and I have to agree.  It is a great pattern to work with and a very flattering style.  The fabric is lightweight with an excellent drape.  It has a black flocked background and sheer, see-through flowers.  A gorgeous lingerie effect and oh-so-dramatic!

More photos and details are over at my blog, Willow Homestead.

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