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The Daphne Dress

By on July 24, 2012

Daphne from Scooby Doo dressMy daughter was invited to a ‘Scooby Doo’ party and she wanted to go as Daphne! To be honest, I’m glad she didn’t want to be Scooby!

I used a long sleeve T-shirt pattern from an old Burda Style Magazine, issue 10/2010, making a few adjustments: I changed the button placket to a v-neck, I shortened the sleeves, I lengthened the top to a dress, shaping it a little from the waist, and added some bias trim for a touch of authenticity! The fabric was just over a metre of cotton stretch jersey and that included a hairband too. The scarf is half a metre of lime green polyester. A little light relief from some of the more complex vintage patterns I’ve been playing with. In fact… quite fancy one of these myself!! Also blogged over at ooobop!



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Retronaut Awesomeness

By on June 12, 2012

Hi all! I am a huge fan of this site. I was trolling it this morning stirring up some inspiration for kids clothes. I love the little girls dress patterns but hate putting in zips or button plackets. They have a bunch of color photos from the 1940s of kids wearing regular everyday clothes. One pic in particular had a family of little girls all wearing matching dresses and you can tell how they were finished. Drawstring waists and just a button and loop closure for the neck. Duh! Head slap! So simple! I love seeing practical interpretations of the patterns, no one had time to outfit all their kids with tons of buttons and zips and deep hems and such.


I can’t snag the photo for some reason….

Anyway, thought I would pass the site along, great inspiration for every decade!

Happy sewing y’all!

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Girl’s Patterns Pacifica 7008

By on April 8, 2012

Hi Everyone! I’ve been a long-time reader and even contributed a couple posts many years ago. My sewing took a hiatus but my pattern collecting did not and now that I have a little girl I’ve been sewing more for her.

My latest creation for Muffin is Patterns Pacifica 7008 from the 1970s.



I made View B and used a Michael Miller print. I really love how it turned out and can’t wait to make a couple more for her. It’s a little short for my taste but I like it as a top.

Here she is:

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Hello, Sailor!

By on March 10, 2012

Here is my little one’s outfit for Easter (if he doesn’t outgrow it before then)!

He had a store-bought sailor suit just like this one last year, and I loved it so much that I decided to make another one just like it for this year, using the old one as a pattern. It’s made from a navy cotton blend fabric. It was one of the rare times when I bought a fabric that wasn’t on sale, but that’s the beauty of these tiny outfits: they don’t require very much fabric!

Here is a picture of the old one; I took this photo before I hacked it to pieces. Just kidding! I just took apart all of the seams and used the pieces to make a pattern, adding a few inches to make it larger. It was actually easier than I expected it to be; easier even than working with an actual pattern, because I could see exactly how it all went together. My trim is a little bit simpler, and I added pockets in the front, because he is currently obsessed with them and now refuses to wear anything without pockets. The old one was also polyester. Aside from these small alterations, I really just copied the original.

I used some anchor buttons, which I thought were cute, but now I’m thinking that they look less vintage than the pearl buttons on the original. What do you think?

More photos on my blog!

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I’m so excited!

By on March 5, 2012

Okay, okay, before I say exactly why I’m over the moon, I ought to give background information.  When my oldest niece, Bit, was approaching her second Halloween, my SIL asked me to make her a Foofa costume.  I did it, using a vintage 70s pattern as the base, because it was an A-line dress with a flower petal collar.  After Halloween, I entered it into the Simplicity contest for that year, eventually winning a pattern for my trouble:

It’s Simplicity 2392, and I was in love with it from the first time I saw it.  Vintage reprints like this one were actually my first forays into vintage patterns.  But, alas, Bit had grown out of infant sizes, so it was carefully put away for the next little girl.


Last year, I stumbled over the original pattern that Simplicity 2392 is a reprint of.  It’s Simplicity 4053.  (And unfortunately not on the pattern wiki yet.) I promptly ordered it, because it was even  just the right size, and I gleefully thought that since my SIL was due to have another little girl, I could, joy of joys, dress them alike!  But to my disappointment, the seller I bought it from made a mistake, and I got another pattern in its place, and they were out of the country and couldn’t correct it.  Since the replacement pattern was one I’d been drooling over, anyway, I kept it and put the matching pattern away.



But last week, I found another copy of the vintage one!  I snapped it up, and it got here yesterday!  And to my absolute wonder, it’s the right size for Bit now, so she and baby sister Boo can once again wear matching sister dresses!   So sometime this spring or summer (my materials are all currently in storage right now) we’ll have two little girls in vintage and vintage-ish embroidered dresses!

The vintage pattern will, of course, need a bit of altering–widening the neck a bit and lengthening it by 10 inches, and I’ll have to do complete measurements on Boo to make sure it’s knee length, but cuteness- ho!

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B4320 Dorothy pinafore

By on March 4, 2012
B4320 Dorothy dress
B4320 Dorothy dress

I still can’t quite believe that the movie, The Wizard of Oz was made in 1939! I made this Dorothy dress for my daughter for World Book Day, which is being celebrated at her school this coming Friday. A week later than the official date but that suited me just fine and gave me time to get hold of the pattern. Of course I probably could have drafted a pattern myself but I really appreciate how this is constructed. The waistband, the straps and the top band of the bib are all interfaced and faced and hand finished on the inside. It was quite time consuming considering that it is basically a gathered skirt with a bib and straps but I’m really pleased with the result and moreso that my daughter loves it! Also posted over at ooobop!

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Is 1973 retro?

By on February 18, 2012

This deceptively easy child’s pinafore still required some swear words and a go with the quick unpick to finish.

I let my little girl (aged nearly 4) pick out the fabric from my stash, some sort of cotton, only 1 yard needed. Of course, she wouldn’t model the finished dress, so here is a photo before it was finished when I was just seeing how much to hem it by.

What I really like about this pattern is that I am myself a child of the 70s and I know I wore this sort of thing myself……

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