After my recent foray into sewing for Mrs Baby detailed here, I decided something had to change: I was actually going to have to measure the baby. This is a huge break from my normal “doesn’t this pattern know who I am?? I don’t need to read the directions, know what the seam allowance is [...]


A little memorial day sewing. I took this handmade (not by me) version of Butterick 4699, elegantly modeled by my husband: …and this 1968 toddler pattern: …to create this unfeasibly large jumper and hat for 8 month old Mrs Baby. Tragically I seem to have miscalculated her size by a factor of three, so she’s [...]


OK, here are the dresses. The older one’s was Simplicity 3329, no date, probably late 1950′s or early 1960′s. There is no reference to in on the internet to link a photo and I am not in a position to photograph it right now. The dress picture is actually copied from facebook from Easter. It [...]

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I have more on my blog, but this is a vintage play set pattern. She probably needed a size 1, but we’ll make it work. She was not happy about posing for a photo, but it was naptime, in her defense.


I fell in love with this pattern a few weeks ago at one of our local thrift shops. I have so many pictures of myself as a kid wearing this style of shorts and tanks, typical 80′s kids wear. I knew that I had to make a speedsuit (romper) for Charlotte. This interlock came from [...]


There are so many ultra cute vintage sewing patterns for little girl’s clothing, that it almost seems mean to use one of the few specifically labelled as a boy’s shirt and make it look all girlie. But isn’t this little shirt cute in purple gingham: I used Butterick 422 which is undated but looks to [...]


I found a super cool piece of vintage linen at a thrift shop a few months back. I turned it into a tunic top for my daughter. I used McCall’s 5456 with a modified sleeve. It’s a very easy pattern to complete, and I’m really happy with the results. You can see pics of this [...]


Hello, I just popped in to post this dress made with the 1970s pattern, Butterick 6089. And you know what? I made it out of bed sheets too. I’ve always avoided using bed sheets as clothing fabric. Well, no longer!Here’s the result (just try to imagine it without the shirt under, and with her legs [...]


I have been very slow on the sewing lately, but here’s finally a new garment! I’ve made another sundress for my daughter, using my own tutorial (you can find it here). The dress is made from two straight pieces of fabric, only with a little shaping for the arms. It is gathered with elastic at [...]

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