I picked up this old wool club jacket at an estate sale a few months ago.  The back embroidery was fabulous even though the coat was moth-eaten and very worn. I used McCalls 4161 coat pattern from the 1940s as a starting point to sew up [...]


The second skirt in my Pendleton quartet is another plaid number. This one is fairly plain as well, with some simple alterations made to change the look up a bit. I widened the waistband and added suspenders. I’ve always really liked the look of the suspender skirt (whether from the 1910s or the 1950s or [...]


  So, I found this amazing pattern for a smoking jacket from 1951, Butterick 1769. Despite being neither a smoker nor an idle rich guy from a Hollywood melodrama, my Husband decided he needed one in classic satin and quilted velvet. He accompanied me to the fabric store on a Saturday (an event never to [...]


Hello, here I am again. I’ve been neglecting my blog and online presence for too long now, but I have been sewing quite a bit, in my defense – and also put myself on a very healthy ban on frantic last-minute sewing of overly ambitious party outfits. My stress levels are down (slightly) and my [...]


I did it! I made me a vintage style jacket! And not any jacket! A 1940s bad girl one! To be exact, it’s a windbreaker jacket. I used the McCall 6360 pattern, red sued and beige lining.                       I made a muslin first, and had [...]


I took the last week off to have time for another sewing project and decided to tackle this wonderful victorian era inspired steampunk costume, consisting of jacket, skirt and bustle. I bought dark green dupioni silk in Brussels at Maison des Tissus and beige lace at Maison dorée a few weeks ago (I forgot to [...]


Continuing on in my attempt at a 1940′s wearable wardrobe – the ubiquitous 1940′s Lumber Jacket!                               Really very happy with how this turned out (and really happy its stopped raining long enough so I can take photos)! I used Simplicity [...]


Oh my ! How much stress this suite caused me. But in the end it turned out very well! I cut this pattern 5 weeks ago, and other than a break to make another dress, I’ve been stitching little bits of this jacket, making improvements on the fit and fiddling around with “tailoring techniques” (which [...]


I’ve always wanted a vintage suit but they are hard to find and expensive, so I decided to make one. I had some green wool fabric that I bought second hand which was the perfect weight for a suit. I used McCall’s 8813 for the jacket. I bought the pattern without its envelope so I’m [...]


I’ve been working on this early 60s coat for awhile and I finished the hand stitching this weekend. Initially it had a collar but I didn’t have enough fabric to make a full front facing so off came the collar! The fit is similar to the 50s style car coats – it’s shapeless and only [...]