Hi everyone, this is my first post to We Sew Retro, though I have been lurking and commenting. I’ve been sewing for about 35 years. Recently, I’ve been more able to devote time to sewing. Over the past year, I’ve discovered a whole world of sewing blogs, including this one, and I started one of [...]

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Hi Sew Retro friends!  My name is Jessie, I blog over at Some Things I Have Made, and I draft all my own patterns.  It’s a pain in the ass, but I’m dedicated (and cheap). I’ve been wanting a back-button blouse for ages–I blame Gertie–but I knew I wanted it in wool jersey, and my [...]


Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and share this suit recraft-project. I’ve only recently gotten into sewing/alterations and decided to dive in head first. This was my first real sewing project, but I think it came out great. I inherited the suit from my great-uncle and decided that it would make an awesome [...]


Hello everyone! First post here on Sew Retro although I’ve been lurking a lot I love vintage and historical fashion and that’s most of what you’ll see on my blog. I made this skirt last year; my friend lent me Simplicity 3775 (from 1951) and it sewed up quite well! Very easy and fun to [...]


Hi all, This is my very first attempt at a vintage pattern and also obviously my first post on Sew Retro after lurking  here for a long time. So first an introduction: My name is Alana and I’ve been blogging over at Lazy Stitching for almost a year and a half. I’m a new Londoner [...]


Hi! This is my first post at Sew Retro! I’ve been sewing for years, but, am returning after a fairly long break. I am really enjoying checking out what everyone else is working on! I made up this version of Simplicity 4700, a 1940s pattern for a couple of hats and gloves.  This is view [...]


Hello. I’ve been reading the wonderful posts on this site for about 8 or 9 months and have felt so inspired by the beautiful dresses and other creations I’ve seen. I just recieved my first 3 vintage patterns and am excited to say that I cut out the pieces for a pair of pj’s for [...]


Hi everyone! I’m very glad to find a community of like-minded sewists! I’m no stranger to sewing, having been taught as a child from my mother who used to make all our clothing. However I’ve been on a 12 or so year hiatus from garment creation, so I’m trying to wade back in and brush [...]


Hi everyone, I’m Sarah, from Toronto, Canada, and I love to collect and research fashion ephemera (sewing patterns, advertising, catalogues). I’m especially interested in designer patterns as a resource for fashion history. When I have time I also sew; my (not-quite-vintage) wedding dress was recently pictured in Vogue Patterns magazine (see my scan here). Right [...]


Hi Everyone! My name is Tiffany and this is my first SewRetro post. I’m so happy to finally be posting! I’ve been reading the blog for about 4 months now, and I truly love it. Most of my sewing is in the Victorian fashion, but however much I love Victorian, it is just not easy [...]