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GIVEAWAY: Three Corsets from Corset-Story.com

By on August 2, 2012

I’ve been seeing corsets absolutely everywhere lately, so it’s wonderful timing that the¬†lovely people at Corset-Story have given us not one but three of these beautiful black lace boned corsets to give away. Three winners means triple your usual chances to win so get your entry in now!

Corset-Story¬†has an enormous selection of corsets and accessories, and they have sister¬†websites¬†in the UK, and¬†Australia. With almost 400,000 facebook fans on their UK page (I’m so jealous) they’re tremendously well established in Britain and fast becoming a world leader.

The Prize:

The giveaway prizeThree lucky winners will receive this sassy little number. The black lace trim at the top and bottom adds a delicate touch and is sure to get heads turning.

This corset comes in a large range of sizes, from a US size 6 to a US size 22. International readers, if you have no idea about American sizes, fear not: just check out their size chart to see measurements in inches and centimetres.

You will be put directly in touch with Corset-Story to sort out sizing and shipping when you win so don’t feel like you have to post your size publicly in the comments.

This is a fashion corset and should not be used for waist reduction – just endless cocktail parties! If you find yourself temporarily without a cocktail party to attend, host your own!…even if it’s just you and the cat ūüėČ

How to Enter:

For you chance to win one of these gorgeous corsets, I want to know what your favorite item is from the Corset-Story website.

Pop over there for a peek at their fabulous selection (including plus size, burlesque and couture corsets) and let me know which corset is your favorite and why in the comments below.

Three winners will be chosen on Friday, August 10th.

As always, this giveaway is open to entrants worldwide. Good luck, and happy corseting!

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GIVEAWAY: $40 in Vintage Buttons Giveaway Closes Tomorrow!

By on July 26, 2012

Here in Southern Indiana, where the temperature and humidity have reached offensive proportions, we’re all inside chained to the sweet, sweet air conditioning.

But if you live in a climate where it’s possible to step outside without risk of mummification, you may have missed our ¬†giveaway for $40 to spend on vintage buttons from the lovely Marin of Vintage Necessities.

Marin has some amazingly drool-worthy buttons from a range of decades and the giveaway closes tomorrow so get on over to the giveaway post and get your entry in now!


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Buttons | Giveaway

GIVEAWAY: $40 of Vintage Buttons from Vintage Necessities

By on July 19, 2012

850 of you who are fans of our Facebook page already know (thanks to my poorly composed iphone pics) about my recent pattern-hunting roadtrips around southern Indiana and Illinois, where I picked up some awesome vintage buttons still on their original cards.

I could sum up everything I know about buttons with the phrase “Ooh, I love them. Can I have some more please?” so I asked veritable button-expert (buttspert? no…that won’t do) Marin from Vintage Necessities to give me the lowdown.

Marin has been collecting buttons for over a decade and is a member of the National Button Society (where I imagine they congregate at an abandoned pool to swim laughing through enormous piles of buttons like Scrooge McDuck).

She’s also tremendously nice and an amazing resource if you want to find out a bit more about certain buttons you own or need help tracking down a particular kind of button. You can contact Marian via email (¬†vintagenecessitiesATcomcast.net) or via her etsy shop.

Now it’s over to Marin to learn a little more about my buttons. Stay tuned at the end for an opportunity to win $40 worth of buttons from Marin’s shop!

Katherine, you have found an interesting selection of buttons from the 1930s and 1940’s. During the war, many buttons were made of plastic. Metal was not readily available for such a frivolous use. This was also they heyday of fun celluloid and Bakelite buttons. Many patriotic themes as well as red, white, and blue buttons were sold.

Did you know that many Bakelite buttons that are now black and butterscotch were originally blue and white but have “aged”? Luckily, the red still retains its magnificent color. Many other colors of Bakelite buttons and jewelry originally were different colors than we see today.

These appear to be celluloid. How nice to have a date on the card! Celluloid is one of the oldest man made plastics. Buttons circa 1880 can be found in this material, although with a very different look:

Victorian Celluloid Buttons
Victorian Celluloid Buttons from Marin's Shop

Buckles and jewelry were also manufactured using celluloid:

Art Deco Buckles from Marin's shop
Art Deco Buckles from Marin's shop

Millions of celluloid buttons have been made, many of them in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Celluloid is very flammable. Think celluloid film reels that melted while showing a movie! It’s one of my favorite materials as so many whimsical buttons were produced in a variety of designs and techniques.

These lovelies are not actually buttons, but trim, known as “montees”. They were made to decorate garments. It’s not surprising these were made in Czecho-Slovokia. Czechoslovakia has long been known for its magnificent work both in jewelry and buttons. They have also been a supplier of rhinestones, so both the glass base and the rhinestones were produced there

Most Art Deco glass buttons were made in Czechoslovakia. Later, many glass buttons were manufactured in Germany. Here is an example of typical vintage Czech glass buttons:

Art Deco Glass Buttons
Art Deco Glass Buttons from Marin's Shop

Awesome, thanks Marin! Now let’s have a giveaway!

Here’s a chance to get your hands on some¬†truly¬†gorgeous vintage buttons with $40 to spend on buttons¬†in Marin’s shop, Vintage Necessities!

To enter, head over to Vintage Necessities on Etsy and find the cutest buttons. Pop back over here and leave me a comment letting me know which ones you want most and why.

The winner will be chosen on Friday, July 27th to win $40 worth of buttons from Vintage Necessities. That’s a whole lot of buttons…my button jar is exceedingly jealous!

Good luck, and happy button hunting!


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And the winner is…

By on July 4, 2012

It’s time to pick the winner for our Sew Iconic giveaway. Drumroll please…

Congratulations Pat! Check your email for a message from me.¬†Commiserations to the entrants who didn’t win. There’s always next time!


Happy 4th of July to our American readers, and a funny story for everyone else: during my first 4th of July in America, someone asked me in complete seriousness how we celebrated Independence Day in England.

I told him everyone goes outside, faces west, and sticks their tongue out ūüėČ He didn’t get it.

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GIVEAWAY: Sew Iconic

By on June 26, 2012

More than one of us has completely missed important plot points in a film because we’ve been ogling at a dress, I guarantee it. Fashion and film were made for each other.

Sew Iconic, a new book from Thunder Bay Press, marries a love of film with a love of sewing to bring ten iconic dresses from the silver screen within the reach of seamstresses like you and I.

My favorites are Keira Knightley’s 1930s dress from Atonement, Rita Hayworth’s black sheath and Grace Kelly’s blue chiffon gown from To Catch a Thief, but with ten dresses to choose from there’s sure to be something for everyone.

      • Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
      • Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
      • Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing
      • Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch
      • Keira Knightley in Atonement
      • Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago
      • Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief
      • Rita Hayworth in Gilda
      • Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair
      • Kate Winslet in Titanic

This spiral-bound (thank you!) handbook includes a full size pattern for each dress and masses of photos, information and tips. In fact, what I like best about Sew Iconic is the sheer volume of background info that accompanies each dress.

Not just a set of instructions for sewing, this book fills you in on the movie, the actress, the designer and, most importantly, how to style the dress to turn heads.

To win your very own copy of Sew Iconic, leave a comment below – which dress would you sew up first and why?

The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, July 4th. As always on WeSewRetro, this giveaway is open to entrants worldwide.

Good luck!

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