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An Emery

By on February 17, 2014

I’m pretty sure most of the internet knows about the Emery Dress by now, right? It’s Christine Hayne’s latest pattern release and it’s such a lovely design that really lets you get creative with finishing touches and construction techniques.

Oh, and you know it has pockets right? I think pockets will forever be the thing that seals the deal with seamstresses all over the world.

I constructed my bodice a bit differently than Christine instructs as I was using a standard vintage zip and not an invisible one. I also made my bow belt instead of using the attached bow pattern because I thought the dress would be a little more versatile sans bow.

As always, you can find more photos and construction details on my blog as well!

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Plaid Hawthorn

By on December 1, 2013

As usual I’m rather late to the pattern love party, but here is my Hawthorn.  I wanted a cold weather version, so made this from a brushed cotton (this did mean that all the layers in the collar and facing became rather unwieldly).  I found aspects of the pattern challenging, but I love the result and will make another, perhaps in a thinner fabric.  There are more details on my blog.

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Bessie Miller Giveaway Winner & Coupon Code

By on March 2, 2013

Massive congrats to  old-fashioned-girl who won our giveaway for $35 to spend at Bessie Miller Vintage. Check your inbox for an email from me !

If you didn’t win, you can console yourself with 15% off anything at Bessie Miller Vintage until March 15th with the coupon code BLOGGIN15

Bessie’s patterns are already super affordable so with a coupon it’s almost daylight robbery.

You’ll remember we were talking about my pattern chaos last week…well, I literally went through every box of patterns in my possession to try to weed some out and I found some real beauties that I had completely forgotten about. I’ll be sharing them over on our facebook page next week. Pattern reorganization had to take a backseat to a sick two-year-old this week, but she’s on the mend so I’ll be back at it soon! For now, I need some quality time with a cup of tea and House of Cards (PS. anyone else think the British original was better? ). Have a great weekend! 🙂


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GIVEAWAY: $35 to Spend at Bessie Miller Vintage

By on February 22, 2013

I’ve come to realize that it is no longer appropriate for me to visit ebay without adult supervision.

It was bad enough when I had to call into service overflow boxes for the patterns that wouldn’t fit in my enormous pattern cabinet, but now even my overflow boxes have their own overflow boxes. I am on a complete, utter and total pattern buying hiatus until I a) have a clear-out or b) find a second pattern cabinet (know of one for sale within a four hour drive of Southwestern Indiana? Get in touch!)

I’ll be taking some time this weekend to sort out my own personal pattern chaos, so while I’m trying to impose order onto the madness, here’s a treat for you: $35 to spend at Bessie Miller Vintage.

Bessie has all manner of vintage in her etsy shop, but I think you’ll be particularly interested in her super affordable patterns.

When I say they’re affordable, I mean 1947-pattern-in-factory-folds-for-$7.99 affordable, like this:

Bessie is also a long-time contributor to WeSewRetro. You might remember seeing her fab forties swimsuit

To Enter:

To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment below: you can tell me your favorite item from Bessie’s store or leave me some pattern storage/organization advice. The winner will be chosen on Friday, February 28th to receive $35 to spend on whatsoever their heart chooseth from Bessie Miller Vintage. This giveaway is open worldwide 🙂

Over on our facebook page, we’re discussing where these pattern ladies store their kidneys:


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Giveaway Winner & Discount Code for ErikawithaK Vintage

By on February 8, 2013

I hope you has as much fun as I did browsing Erika’s pattern shop for our recent giveaway. It’s time to announce the lucky winner of $30 to spend on whatsoever your heart desires from ErikawithaK Vintage. Drumroll please…

Congratulations Katie! Check your inbox for an email from me.

If you didn’t win, it’s ok: you can get 15% off anything you purchase from ErikawithaK Vintage until the end of the month with coupon code WSR15

Don’t delay, though, because our lucky winner might just snap up what you had your eye on!

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GIVEAWAY: ErikawithaK Vintage Patterns

By on February 1, 2013

You may remember Erika (from ErikawithaK Vintage) from the giveaway she hosted for us last year. I know she loves seeing what everyone here is making so she wants to spur you guys on with with another little treat. As I was prepping for this giveaway, I started flicking through Erika’s shop looking for my favorites and I hadn’t even reached past the second page before I had more pictures than I could ever possibly fit into a post. Seriously, go check it out – you’re sure to find something you love too.

The Prize

Our lucky winner will recieve $30 store credit to spend on whatsoever your heart desires from ErikawithaK Vintage. She has a selection of patterns from all decades and some fabric in there too. Erika ships worldwide and, as always, this giveaway is open to everyone, no matter where you live.

To Enter

Head over to ErikawithaK Vintage and pick your favorite pattern. Pop back here and let me know which one you love most and why. The giveaway will close on Friday, February 8th.




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