Featured Members

We’re an ecletic bunch here at WeSewRetro.com, and I think it’s enormous fun to get to know a bit more about the people behind the sewing. This month’s featured member is the lovely Pimpinett who burst onto the site with her New Year’s dress. Read on to get to know her a little better (and [...]


Next in our featured member series is the lovely Alana of Lazy Stitching. I am completely obsessed with the way she presents her pictures so if you’re not already following her blog, the images below will give you an idea of all the gorgeousity you’re missing… Hey Alana! How long have you been sewing and [...]


If you’ve only just joined us, you might have missed our first couple of features, on BoPeep and PatternVault. This month’s lovely lady has been with us as a reader for years, but only recently took the plunge to post one of her creations. And what a creation it was! I think I heard us [...]


I don’t know about you guys, but I love finding out a little bit more about the people behind the patterns. In this second installment of our Featured Member series (see here for the first on BoPeep), we meet Sarah of PatternVault who caught my eye recently when she posted some amazing 1920s fashions…. So, [...]


When BoPeep from Pasturelands, Wisconsin burst onto Sew Retro recently, I was fascinated by her blog and wanted the community to get to know her a little better. She graciously permitted me to pester her with questions and her answers reveal BoPeep is funny, charming, and capable of rocking a skirt on a haywagon…   How long [...]