This project took what felt like forever and were in fact three years. In autumn and early winter I never had time to finish it and after christmas motivation was gone because I so longed for spring. It was one of the first vintage pattern I ever bought and I had no experience in sewing [...]


I made our little niece a vintage tweed coat using a 1930s Pictorial Review pattern: In true 1930s spirit, all the materials were re-purposed or came from my stash. We had some purple Woolrich tweed and black lining, and I cut the pocket flaps from an old pair of leather gloves. The buttons are vintage [...]


Hi everyone! I haven’t posted on here in a couple of months, but for good reason. I’ve been busy working on a WWII-era coat. I’m talking knee-length, heavy weight, filly-lined and warm coat. I am thrilled with how it turned out…from the lovely shoulder dart detailing, to the added on welt pockets. It was constructed [...]


  This is a raincoat I made using a vintage Simplicity pattern (5928) from 1973. The pattern isn’t specifically for a raincoat – it’s for a tailored coat – but I liked the shape so much I adapted it for my purposes. The coat has some lovely features such as princess seams and in-seam pockets, [...]


So here’s a modern take on a military-esque jacket with a mod twist that I just finished: Back in 2008, I made a group of 5 jacket patterns with my original intent to sell them on Etsy and this was one of the jackets I made almost completely with the exception of buttonholes and sewn [...]


I’ve been working on this early 60s coat for awhile and I finished the hand stitching this weekend. Initially it had a collar but I didn’t have enough fabric to make a full front facing so off came the collar! The fit is similar to the 50s style car coats – it’s shapeless and only [...]


Hi Sew Retro community! I just finished this winter coat from McCall’s 5717 and even though it’s a modern pattern I modified it a bit to give the coat a more classic look. I really love mid-20th century coats that extended down to below the knee to cover dresses, and that’s what I tried to [...]


This is Vogue 9134. It took me about a year to make, with several stops and starts. The fabric, a Dior double wool, is extremely bright and impossible to photograph. I used Sherry’s very informative tutorial on RTW coat making for the most part, and had some help from a Courrège chef d’atelier I met [...]


Perhaps I should have gone the more sensible throw pillow route with this one, but I couldn’t help it.  One 54″ wide yard of 1960s vintage home dec cotton makes for a very nice Oriental jacket.  More details over at my blog.


Hi, All! See how the printed pattern is placed at angles on the skirt portion of view “2,” giving it kind of a chevron design? I’m curious to know how that was done. I mean, I understand that the print natural is straight, based on how it looks on the top portion, so I’m wondering [...]