This post is about a muslin I have made for a vintage blouse.  The pattern came from ebay. And I think the ladies look rather stylish, don’t you?!

I’ve made my muslin from a rather thin old sheet, as I wanted to test the fit and style before cutting into good fabric.

I think the sleeves are rather snazzy – a real statement.  They remind me of the Tilly and the Buttons Matilde blouse that is everwhere in the sewing blogosphere (can’t see how to do a link on here, but it’s easy to find).

The exposed zip is another key feature that I feel marks the make out as retro.  I really like it (it’s only my second zip so I’m rather proud of it).

It’s rather snug; I’m thinking if I do make this in good fabric I will maybe add a bit of width on either side.  Would you continue on to make the finished item?


Just sneaking my last bit of vintage sewing into the end of 2013 – some basic women’s summer tops using Simplicity 2118 (circa late 1950s).


















This is what the pattern sleeve looks like – I went with View 1. Apparently they are bra tops – I couldnt image wearing this as a bra!
















I didnt realise how versatile this pattern was until I made it up – it only takes an hour or so, and uses under 1.5m of fabric.

The pattern has plenty of ease, and I didnt need to do a FBA to size up  like I would normally (I have a 39 inch bust, the pattern is for a 38 inch).

The golden rod fabric I used is a new quilter’s homespun (mercerized cotton) from Spotlight here in Australia. It’s got a really nice polished feel to it, and comes in some fab retro colour ways.

I made it again in black poplin for my Christmas Day outfit, plus a 1940′s tablecloth turned into a skirt.

I would recommend this pattern if you can get your hands on it; easy, versatile and a great wardrobe builder.


Simplicity 3777

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Sorry, but I can’t magically write sewing puns as well as you all do. As promised, though, I finished my Simplicity 3777 blouse! I started this a while ago and used my first muslin, put it aside for a long time because I had to make bound buttonholes, and now that I’m running into them everywhere decided to give it a go. My practice buttonhole was perfect, and when I went to do my blouse, it looked so good but I forgot to do the buttonholes. By that time, I had already sewn closed the facing. So my buttonholes aren’t perfect.

This was once again very big, and I thought that when I did the muslin it would be ok, but it turned out still pretty big. It actually fit me much differently than I was used to: the waist was supposed to be too big according to the measurements, but it was perfect and the bust and above the waist were large.

I also did my first covered buttons, and they turned out very nicely.

I made this to go with a mustard colored skirt I made, but that doesn’t fit me right now.

Let me know what you think!



I’m so slow in posting here… Mainly it’s because a lot of my sewing nowadays is in jersey. So modern sewing, albeit I do give the patterns a bit of a vintage feel =) So anyway, here comes three outfits in one go!

At the end of summer I finally managed to complete two summer outfits I’ve been sewing on, a little at the time! Both are in an early 30s style,  drafted by me from my slopers.

The first outfit is more period appropriate. The skirt is in a heavy silk called “matka” and the blouse is a rayon (leftovers from a previous project). The skirt is cut on the bias, has a straight waistband and buttons down the side. The blouse has a tie-collar, grown-on sleeves and closes in the side with snaps. This was my first attempt at both of these closures, so it was really fun when it worked out!

The second outfit is a bit more modern, and is a lot less hassle to clean and pack (no handwashing the skirt or ironing the top). The skirt is in a white linen I tea-dyed, cut on the bias and it closes with an invisible zipper in the sideseam. The top is a version of my favorite jersey dresspattern =) However, the skirt came out so-and-so. As long as I wear it with a hip-long top it’s good to go, but it bubbles a little along the right sideseam and a lot in the left seam where the zipper is installed. I’m pretty sure it’s due to the different strength in fabric weave – I had to make a “design feature” to remedy the 10 cm’s of fabric I was short *grr* (note to self: do NOT skimp on fabric when buying fabric on sale for a project that holds unknown components).

The first outfit is just wonderful to wear, the silk moves and drapes like a miracle, and the blouse is so cool, soft and easy to wear. I’m not 100% sold on the second, I think it’s very likely the jersey top will get a lot more wear than the linen skirt.

The third is a more recent make. A jersey dress, but in a pure 30s style.

I made it for Blues Dance Night, and it was fabulous to dance in! My favorite part of it is the back, with a deep cut made possible by a What Katie Did Glamour corselette ; )

For more photos and more info about the makes, please check out my blog!

The first two outfits was blogged here and the third one here.

Love, Erika