Inspired by the Admin post, I got to thinking about my favourite sewing magazines which led me to my absolutely favourite way to spend an evening (sorry, hubbie!) – glass of wine, log fire burning, stack of my vintage needlework magazines …. bliss!  My favourites are from the 50s as they seem to have so [...]


Okay ladies and gents! I’ve been wanting to make a garter belt for some time, and I have one I can use as a basic pattern, but running into one *teensy* problem. Where can I find the hardware for these? Hook & eye closure in the back is easy enough to find. I could even [...]


While the fabric is not vintage the chair certainly is.  This is an old Heywood Wakefield chair that my Gram gave me a while ago. She had no use for it (she had inherited it with the house from her mother-in-law). People usually associate HW with the blonde wood and atomic looking design; I know I do. [...]


If you are like me, then you cannot ever throw a piece of textile away until you are totally, utterly, absolutely sure you will never, ever, cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-die find a use for it at some unknown future time and date.  I love re-using bits and bobs of discarded textiles to make cushions, patchworks, toys, bags or gifts.  So when [...]

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 Using this cute simplicty 1952 pattern for a dickie,I made  one for my halloween costume this year.I ended up putting darts in the back for their was to much room.The rick rack glows-in-the-dark!Sorry so short not good with words,just love sewing and wanting to share.


not sewing related per se, but all about the accessories. i discovered “sweetheart” jewelry this weekend while reading janie bryant’s (janie is the costume designer for “mad men”) book on style. does anyone here have experience with this style of jewelry? know some of the history? i know by the late 40s and through the [...]


You’ll have to forgive me- I didn’t do my hair or pose for a proper photo, but here is the pillbox hat I made from Simplicity 4178. It is red silk (reclaimed from a skirt), and the trim around the bottom is vintage and from my late grandmother’s stash. I made this as a Christmas [...]


Hello retro lovers, I’ve written a tutorial on how to make a bow belt like the one above. I made this to go with my McCalls 6120 dress, simplifying the process a little as I couldn’t understand the instructions. To make your own bow belt, see my blog, Tilly and the Buttons