So as you might have read I have been attempting for over a year to make a regency dress. But really struggled with getting anything to fit/not look like a bedsheet. I did finally come up with 2 ‘outfits’ using the same dress as a base. Used my original mock up (bed sheet) as a [...]


I’ve just done a tutorial on hand sewing a headscarf to use for those vintage hairstyles. I’ve actually used the one featured in the tutorial already to keep my curlers in place when setting my hair. I’m a recent convert to the world of scarves. Not only (to quote jane austen) do they save a [...]


Hi Everyone! Here is my first ever tutorial – I thought I’d share here too but it’s over at my BLOG if you want to ask questions (I’ll answer quicker there). The pics are bigger there too since this format is narrower than my blog. Thanks!!  


A local station is showing Downton Abbey Season 1, and I’ve been glued to the screen. Remember when Mrs. Hughes goes off to the fair to meet an old flame? Her dress had a bit of lace at neck & wrists. Here’s the only photo I could locate (from ITV). It only shows neckline, but [...]


A recent sustainability themed industry day at school had me transforming the legs off a pair of leather pants into a 1930s peplum, and trim for a sporty topper… I used the Vintage Vogue reprint V8686, and Wearing History’s sporty toppers, view 3.  The fabric was given to me by an elderly lady, and the [...]


This one isn’t exactly a sewing project, but I thought I’d still share it with you guys. It does include some little sewing. And gluing and tying. It’s a simple bandana look-a-like  headband! This is a great solution for those who (like me) used to spend hours and hours trying to tie a bandana properly [...]


Ladies, I present the Ooh la la Pin-Up Sew-Along: Fellow blogger and lingerie expert Sarah from Ohhh Lulu is joining me over at A Few Threads Loose in this delicate endeavor. We’ll be sewing two lingerie patterns, first a 1950′s French Corset and Garter Belt pattern (so much easier than it sounds!) followed by a [...]


There’s a contest being held by BurdaStyle and Indygo Junction where you are supposed to take one of Amy Barickman’s wonderful vintage-inspired patterns and turn it into a piece of your own. One of the prizes is for a significant modification to become an Indygo Junction pattern, so my goal in creating this piece was to create something that would fit [...]

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Wanted to share a little festive 30s style felt flower corsage I have sat and stitched this afternoon. Today’s corsage follows on from the 40s felt flower I made yesterday.  It wasn’t too long before an inquisitive little dog jumped up to see what was going on ….


Today for your eye candy super happy fun time I have pictures of the very best that  Modes et Travaux had to offer in fashion, sewing, and hand work in December of 1949. I published this over on my blog A Few Threads Loose and thought you might all enjoy it. If you’re into this [...]