From Mad Men to Mary Quant…

I’ve had this retro pattern in my stash fr what seems like ages and I’ve not yet sewn anything from it. Yesterday I sat down with a yard and a half of a pretty (but unfortunately polyester) fabric I grabbed at Joann’s a few days before. I knew this fabric would present some problems, mainly with it being really slippery, but I was not expecting it to literally disintegrate along the seams the minute any pressure was placed on them.

I stitched this up in a few hours, put it on, and as soon as I reach to grab something, the center back seam split completely apart. I took it off, and barely applied pressure to another seam, and it shredded apart too. Ugh! I wasn’t expecting that at all. After the seam shredding business, I busted out some bias tape and bound all of my seams, hoping that would  keep them together. I’ve been wearing the blouse all day today without any incidents, so it appears to have worked. We’ll see how it fares in the wash but I think it will be okay. In hindsight, I’d cut this with slightly large seam allowances and use French seams on it if I make it again out of a similar fabric- Its a close fitting blouse and there isn’t much easy at all in it.

The directions call for a button and loop closure at the neck, but I went with a hook and eye instead mostly because I have literally thousands of hooks and eyes and they were within reach.

I love the ridiculously large bow and the collar is really cute. I might make this again in a solid color cotton as I really like it, but not sure as its pretty distinctive. I don’t have this up on my blog yet, but as usual, you’re welcome to pop by and say hello!


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I’ve been very eager to write this post! This costume took about a month of planning and a week of sewing. However, the dress itself took 2 1/2 days to complete.

As mentioned in my previous post on my blog, I also made another dress for my friend during the time frame as mine. It got a bit hectic and stressful, there were a couples nights around 1 in the morning when I questioned myself “Am I actually going to finish everything on time?” Well, I made it!!! I will be posting about the dresses separately. But you will get a bit of a preview of what the other dress looks like!

The pattern I used was Simplicity’s 3828 from 1960 and the pop tart fabric is by Benartex 100% cotton. I also used vintage lace from my stash.

This is the outcome.

For more pictures and info on the rest of my costume, you can check that here.



I realize the words little and maternity kind of create an oxymoron, but I didn’t know how else to classify this dress. I know I’m not little at 28 weeks and technically neither is my dress, but just work with me here, okay?

I sewed this with some very pattern period appropriate black polyester stuff using McCall’s 9747. It was super easy and fast to make and I seriously could’ve omitted the unbelievably long zipper it said it required, because it turned out huge, even though I definitely do not have a 32 1/2 inch bust like the pattern said. I’m just glad I didn’t try to enlarge the pattern before sewing it up, but since I cut my garment sewing teeth on my mom’s old 1960s patterns as a teenager, I already knew that the 60s and tent dresses are synonymous and quite frequently are so so shapeless on me that they can look a bit like a potato sack on me and the bust size is just a suggestion, in my experience. I did take it in what seemed like a million inches and it actually gave it a slight shape to it, but because I have no waist right now, it’s a little hard to tell, so you’ll have to just trust me on this one.

I do like wearing this dress though and it’s nice to have something slightly fancier to wear on occasion. And can I just say this is the most flattering “sleeveless” sleeve design I’ve ever worn? My upper arms tend to swell while pregnant (yes, this is one of those pregnancy things no one tells you will happen beforehand), and even stay that way a little while nursing, and I tend to be a little self-conscious of them. So, anything that makes them look more shapely and less bloated is a good thing in my book.

You can see and read more about this dress and my other projects here

on my blog Betsy’s Baby.

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Vintage woolen textured fabric bought in yard sales last year .

I print the pattern n°107 Burda Style to make my dress .