The jazz age! Sportswear, cloche hats, and boyish silhouettes…

I modified the, you guessed it, laurel for this dress. I used a brocade fabric I brought on sale ages ago for like a dollar a yard. The beading is an appliqué I picked up on ebay, and the headband is just jersey and feathers. I’m going to see the movie tonight, and plan on [...]


I was recently gifted some exquisite 1920s lace collars, that have been in the family for over 90 years. They’re so intricate and beautiful that I just had to share them with you! I’m hoping to draft a blouse or two in order to make good use of a couple of them – they are [...]


So inspired by the colours of the Clara Bow dress I went in search of the right colour fabric. Now problem is either it draped but wasn’t the right colour or the right colour but wrong pattern. So in the end I decided to use some cheap ‘silk’ haboutai and polycotton as this would act [...]

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Downton Abbey Series 3 has started in the U.K.  Everyone everywhere else will have to wait varying amounts of time before seeing it on local tellies, but hopefully we’ll begin hearing and seeing inspirations from our U.K.-based We Sew Retro colleagues before then.  (hint-hint!) I’ve read that this season’s 1920s fashions will include marcel waves, [...]


I’ve been debating whether to post this because this isn’t exactly retro, but it’s certainly retro inspired. I wanted to create a dress for the 1920s Jazz Lawn Party here in New York City. I certainly love the 1920s style, and I did a lot of research on costumes and ideas. But with a smaller [...]


Hello again! I’m back with an update on my adventures cleaning my Singer 66. As I mentioned before, it’s from 1923 and quite dirty, gunky, rusty etc, so I’ve slowly been disassembling and scrubbing everything. Most recently I took apart everything on the bottom of the machine, cleaned it, and put it back together. I’m [...]


Today over on A Few Threads Loose I posted about a wonderful piece of vintage lingerie from my personal collection. I wanted to share it with all of you over here at We Sew Retro as well because it was just too pretty not to! This 1930′s bra has many hand made details but has [...]


Hi everyone! I can’t contain my enthusiasm, so I have to share this purchase I made with you… It’s a Singer 66, and the first antique sewing machine I’ve owned. I’ve been teaching myself to sew for a few years on a machine that I think is from the seventies. It works fine, but lately [...]


Hi everyone.  I’m Kass.  I’m new to We Sew Retro.  This is my first time posting.  I hope I can add something to the wonderful mix you have here. I am the patternmaker at Reconstructing History patterns.  But this post isn’t about one of our patterns.  It’s about making a retro dress without a pattern. [...]


I DO actually have some finished pieces… not just muslin toiles! This dress was created for the character of Fraulein Schneider in a local university production of ‘Cabaret’.  Although the play is set in 1930/31, I decided to set F. Schneider’s fashion in the mid 20′s – she’s a working class woman, older, and would [...]