From late Georgian, through Regency to Victorian. Corsets, bustles and enormous gowns!

I’m not sure if a regency dress counts as ‘Retro’ but wanted to get as many opinions as possible. I’m going ot Jane Austen Festival, Bath this year. And last week I thought I’d put off making the dress long enough. The date had been rushing towards me and I haven’t event thought about the [...]


I might be doing some light corsetry? Maybe?     I’ve been wanting to make my own bras for a while, but none of my research was really inspiring me (underwires, yuck).  When I saw this post on Wearing History (through this blog I believe!), I thought: wait a second.  Why not take some cues [...]


From undies to mop caps, aren’t we a great diverse group of sewers?!  If you’re not too sleepy, stop over at the Willow Homestead for a DIY look at a perfectly flouncy, ridiculously moppy cap to wear over your pins and rollers while you snooze.   And if you’re not sleepy now, this tutorial may just [...]


My husbands grandmother passed away a couple of months ago.  Her house was a treasure trove of antiques.  My mother in law bundled up a bunch of beautiful old table runners, doilies, linens, hankies and fabric for me (I blogged about them here – I love vintage textiles), and this was in amongst all of [...]


Ok, I know it has nothing to do with Sewing, but maybe Retro? I love love love to knit shawls, and I finally blocked all of mine out from last year (they had been worn until they no longer looked like shawls). Anyway, I’m super excited, and I thought you’d like to see a pretty [...]


Ahoy indeed. I guess making an 18th century frock coat qualifies as an Uber We Sew Retro project. As this coat is not for Halloween but for a real swashbuckling spectacle, I had to to a great deal of scheming to make it solid which I have talked about at length on my blog if [...]


If I had one piece of advice to aspiring costume makers, it would be BUY PATTERNS!!  Doesn’t matter if you think you will use it anytime soon or not.  If you like it and can afford it buy it.  My compulsion to buy patterns is really working in my favor right now.  I am a [...]


Hello Ladies! As many of you probably know, this week was the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England.  I had the privilege of participating in the festivities back in 2009, and had the most unbelievable time!  You really felt like you had just stepped onto the set of Pride & Prejudice!  For the months leading up to [...]