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1950s lace dress for a wedding witness

By on August 31, 2013

Hi everybody!

Lately, I have been working on a piece that gave me a lot of stress : it was for a future witness at a wedding, and it was for the first time for somebody who wasn’t one of my relatives or friends! Not to say that I really had to do the best I could!

She wanted a 1950s style dress, with lace sleeves and pleated skirt. To make it I used two patterns from a vintage sewing book I received on my birthday. (The skirt from the first pattern and the top from the second). The lady also wanted a lower neckline, sleeves and belt with lace, and a petticoat)

After she tried the muslin, I made it with the real fabric, some dupion taffeta, with black lining and stretchy (for confort) lace.

And it finally looked like that :


If you want more pictures and inofrmations about the construction, I’ll be glad to welcome you to my blog! đŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!


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Jackets | Vintage Sewing

My wild child jacket! – McCall 6360

By on August 28, 2013

I did it! I made me a vintage style jacket! And not any jacket! A 1940s bad girl one!

To be exact, it’s a windbreaker jacket. I used the McCall 6360 pattern, red sued and beige lining.












I made a muslin first, and had to increase lenght of sleeves and neck-to-waist.

And I finally went to the final fabric. I had some troubles with my sewing machine and the thickness of the many layers of suede sometimes. (especially for buttonholes!) . I mostly sewed the lining with machine, and it was really faster!

I LOVE it! It will become one of my most worn jacket for sure!!

And you, have you ever sewn a jacket ? I would love to see your projects!

I think I took enough room on we sew retro, so

if you want more informations and pictures, come on my blog! đŸ˜€

Thanks for reading!


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1950s | Blouses | Vintage Sewing

Summery peplum blouse – Simplicity 2027

By on August 18, 2013

Hello everybody!

With the hot days of this summer, even here in northern France, lightweight blouses are quite welcome! Lately, I purchased one lot of vintage patterns, and one of these is this one, simplicity 2027.

What’s great with it is that, according to the type of fabric you use, you can get really different styles! I wanted a summery/hawaii look, so I used a flowery light weight cotton to make it. I used some kind of woody buttons, half shiny, half mat.

It was really easy to sew, and after a very few alterations, I think it fitted well!

With a black straight skirt (home made too đŸ™‚ ), and my lastely made birdie beret, I had my perfect outfit for the rockabilly concert this week end! Yeeeey! With a high waisted pair of trousers it looks nice too, I tried haha!

If you want more informations and pictures, come visit my blog đŸ™‚ .

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1940s inspired hat

By on March 2, 2013

Hello everybody!

This is my first post on the website, I hope you will like it.

Recently I had a sudden obsession with making me hats, especially since I read the Birdy Beret, 1948 French style by Jeanne.(I HAVE to make it too, as soon as I find the good fabric! )

I wanted to make something looking like the “hand hat” that we could see on 1940s pictures :

This is a funny thing, I like the idea of a nice hand covering your head, protecting it against the  weather. Although I think on this picture the fingernails look a little creepy…

So as it was the first hat I made, I had absolutely no idea of how to do it!

I found on the internet some DIY videos, explaining how to make fascinator hats, with glue. I am a student, and the same week-end I did it I had a concert, and I had decided to wear a burgundy 1940s dress with this hat. Unfortunately, I didn’t have neither “glue gun” (I don’t know what is the exact name in english, sorry) nor my sewing machine in my appartement, so I had to do it as fast as I could, with a very small needle, a black thread, and my two little hands haha. For all those reasons I can’t show you pictures of underneath the hat, it is what I call a “sewing desaster”, really not beautiful haha!

So, The colour was chosen : burgundy (felt). I add some little feathers (I used UHU glue for this), a nice button I found in a little shop in my town in north of France (where I saw the biggest collection of button I had ever seen!), and a piece of veil I bought in a hat-maker shop.
























Finally, as nobody sees what is under, the result is not so bad đŸ™‚ . I have already started a black hat, smaller with no veil. But the next project, and I will take my time for this one is the kind of “double pillbox” that MĂ©lanie Laurent wears in the Tarantino’s movie Inglorious basterds (at 1:18). The dress is also one of my ” have to do” projects đŸ™‚


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