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1940s honky tonk shirt

By on November 29, 2016

Hello fellow seamstresses !!
I post here to show you my first 40s-50s western project : a honky tonk shirt !
I don’t know if some of you like this style, but personaly I am completely crazy about it !


Trying to get some class like those country singers had

(such as the great Charline Arthur in the picture below)



I used a recent pattern, not vintage, but inspired by this era. (The magazine is the french BURDA , july 2010).

I changed it a bit : I drafted “pistol” western cuff instead of the straight ones proposed, and removed a part of the front, to keep just one piece of yoke. And I hand embroided it, yes ma’am I took patiently the time to do it ! haha

I used burgundy gabardine, and beige plain cotton (I won’t again, I don’t know why I did it, I forgot my previous mistakes : wrinkles, everywhere, only on he beige parts, always …)

And yes, I am planning on making the pants matching the shirt, of course 🙂




Here is a front view of the shirt.


It is not perfect but I am really happy with it and wear it a lot ! I can’t wait to make me others !

Oh ! By the way, I need your precious help : if some of you know a website where I could buy  good quality light rayon gabardine (any colour, plain would be better) it would be so great ! (And I know many of you here are some serious fabric experts 😉 )

Thanks for reading !

Here’s he link to th post on my blog : https://wildchildsophie.wordpress.com/

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Vintage Sewing

Tailoring process – Leack-Way pattern 12348

By on December 12, 2014

Hi everyone!

This time I’m here to share and ask advices about tailoring.

The fact is that I am currently finishing my first suit jacket. I’ve named it “hell in thread” because It took soooo many hours to hand sew it haha! Hope I’ll be faster next time! 🙂

I’ve been looking through many websites and some tutorials to make it the best I could, But exchange is the best way to learn, for the one who writes and the one who reads 🙂 .

As this post has many pictures I am going to show very few of them here, you are welcome on my website to check the others 🙂

teaser explications sur photo



Thanks for reading!

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1950s | Dresses | Vintage Sewing

Midcentury dress – Butterick (number unknown?)

By on December 1, 2014

Hello everybody!

Hope you’re enjoying your pre-christmas period 🙂

This summer I made me a light dress from a pattern I find perfectly simple and classy 🙂

It’s from a 1950s butterick pattern. It’s package is very used and I can’t read th number 🙂 .

page de couv



If you want more pictures and details, feel free to visit my blog 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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Vintage Sewing

1940s “film noir” style outfit

By on September 23, 2014

Hey everyone!

After a long summer break from internet update, I am back with a feww projects to share.

Here is the first one I woul like to show you : An outfit I named my “detective outfit”, a nice lady on my blog called it a “film noir” style outfit, and I really like it 🙂 .


This is composed by a silk shirt and a black long skirt.


Here is the skirt pattern, Mc Call 7488. I am very sorry I can’t find the shirt pattern anymore…


Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to come and visit my blog for more pictures 🙂

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1950s | Jackets | Mens | Vintage Sewing

1950s suit jacket – first step in tailoring process – Leachway pattern

By on May 1, 2014

Hello everyone!

I would like to present you the latest big work I am working on : a 1950s suit jacket! It is based on a vintage british jacket I bought on ebay :

I only made the muslin for now, modified the pattern and chose the fabrics! I also read a lot about the traditional interlining and structure of a suit. Now I can’t wait to start sewing it! 🙂

If any of you have any advices for me for this kind of work, I would be very happy to read them!! 🙂

If you want to see more about this project, come and visit my blog 🙂

Thanks for reading!!


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Vintage Sewing

The 40s-50s Waikiki dress

By on March 4, 2014

Hello everybody!!

Here in northern France the spring is almost there.

And also it is still very (too much!) cold, I had a sudden will to make me a “paradisiac island dress” !

I used a 1950s pattern from “New style” for the top, and a retro high waisted skirt pattern to make my perfect Waikiki summer dress!


If you want to read and see more about this project, feel free to come and visit my blog! 🙂


Thanks for reading!

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1940s | 1950s | Blouses | Pants / Trousers | Swimwear / Sunwear

“Back to school” outfit and high waisted swimsuit

By on September 11, 2013

Hello everybody!

Although I still want to sew summer clothes, I had to get ready for school!

Here are my school and beach clothes!!



I made me a 1940s outfit from two patterns :

Simplicity 3688 for the pair of trousers, and Advance 3047 for the blouse.

I used black synthetic and fluid fabric for the pants, and blue cotton with small designs for the blouse.

In fact this blouse is my participation to the “fall for cotton” challenge!



But summer is not so far away, so here is my high waisted swimsuit. It was made thanks to a tutorial based on a vintage swimwear.

I used marine jersey, I was afraid first as I hadn’t used lycra but it worked well 🙂 . It was hard to sew but it turned out not so bad :). I especially love the pleated sides of the bottom :).


If you would like more infos and pictures, you’re welcome on my blog 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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