Fall for Cotton: a vintage sew-challenge

By on September 30, 2013


I decided to join Lucky Lucille and By Gum, By Golly present… Fall For Cotton: a vintage sewing challenge for the cotton lover!

The challenge was pretty simple: You needed to use a vintage pattern and 100% cotton fabric. That suited me wonderful since I love to sew cotton.

I like sewing challenges. I can be pretty apathetic and slow to sew things for myself, so it’s good to get a kick in the rear and a deadline to deal with.

The pattern I used was the Misses’ Dress fra Vogue ( Vouge v2960 ) from 1954

I needed a new dress for work (I work in a comic shop) so I used this Superhero Action Words Adventure facbric.

I’m very happy with the result





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Homemade 1940s Nightgown

By on July 4, 2012

In a month it is time for “The Island of Lost Girl’s”.  To make a long story short : This is a big LARP that I am hosting. The story for the larp is set to the year 1945 and World War II is over. There is finally peace and tolerance in Norway, but at the State’s Detention Camp for Women on Hovedøya in Oslo, the case is quite different. We want a historic LARP that focuses on the treatment of the girls after the war ended in 1945. How was it to be a Jerry-bag? What was it like to be harassed, hated and punished for having a crush? And how was life in the internment camp? And how was it for the soldiers who worked at such a place….. read more about the project here

The LARP will go on for a full week and I need something to wear. It’s not like I do not have a closet full of vintage clothes, but most of them are from the late 1940’s or beginning of the 50s. Thus, I need something else to wear. This is a great opportunity for me to sew a lot of new great 1940s clothes, but now I’m starting to run out of time. (Why did I wait until the last minute to start sewing?)

My first sewing project is this Simplicity 4758 nightgown pattern from the early 1940s . The bodice is gathered into a rounded waistline seam as well as gathered into the shoulder seams. The bias-cut skirt is finished with a tie belt. The nightgown buttons down the front. The skirt is bias cut and slightly flared. I bought the pattern from B N Vintage

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Sewing Machines

Cleaning an old Singer sewing machine

By on February 12, 2012

As long as I can remember I have wanted an old Singer sewing machine. The dream came true a few months ago. Oh joy! I got it along with many other vintage treasures (read more about that here) It is black with a hand crank and I love it.

I was a little unsure of how old the sewing machine was, but Singer has made a very handy list where you can check the serial number and find out what year the machine was made. You can find the list here. My sewing machine is from 1922. How cool is that?

The sewing machine was in good condition, except that it needed a thorough clean. I started on the lid.

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Vintage Sewing

Buttons, buttons and more buttons

By on December 18, 2011

Hi. Im Ywea and this is my first blog post here.  Nerd By Trade. I work in a comic book store. I have a passion for old dresses, nice hats, sewing and knitting.

Well, I’ve got buttons, lots of buttons.

I got these from from an apartment that I helped to the to clean a while ago.  I am so lucky to suddenly just get these things. The first thing I did was (of course) to pour the entire contents of the box all over the floor to look at every single button.

Although I do not really know what I’m going to use the buttons for,  I’m pretty sure there will be no problem to get god used them. It’s always nice to have some extra lying around. Especially when it is large amounts of beautiful vintage buttons .

buttons 9

buttons 7

buttons 6

buttons 4

buttons 2

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