I decided to join Lucky Lucille and By Gum, By Golly present… Fall For Cotton: a vintage sewing challenge for the cotton lover! The challenge was pretty simple: You needed to use a vintage pattern and 100% cotton fabric. That suited me wonderful since I love to sew cotton. I like sewing challenges. I can [...]


In a month it is time for “The Island of Lost Girl’s”.  To make a long story short : This is a big LARP that I am hosting. The story for the larp is set to the year 1945 and World War II is over. There is finally peace and tolerance in Norway, but at [...]


As long as I can remember I have wanted an old Singer sewing machine. The dream came true a few months ago. Oh joy! I got it along with many other vintage treasures (read more about that here) It is black with a hand crank and I love it. I was a little unsure of [...]


Hi. Im Ywea and this is my first blog post here.  Nerd By Trade. I work in a comic book store. I have a passion for old dresses, nice hats, sewing and knitting. Well, I’ve got buttons, lots of buttons. I got these from from an apartment that I helped to the to clean a while ago.  I am so lucky to suddenly [...]