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Tea Dress

By on May 20, 2012

There is such delight in logging into We Sew Retro and having a gander at the inventive posts by other vintage lovers!!
I have been a long time lover and sometimes drooler at the gorgeous fashions posted!!

In my town is the most adorable vintage collectables store. Now and then I repair the vintage clothing and this particular dress needed a new zip, so I was very happy to repair zip and take a pattern off this most wanted dress! ( it is teeny tiny, and I cannot suck my tummy enough to squeeze it on!)
So new pattern = new dress = excited lady!
This is the original dress, gorgeous colour and so cute !

I made this in some lovely cotton I found from spotlight from the vintage range. What I love about this dress is the cross over pleats on the bodice.

Also another wonderful feature is underarm gussets which give so much more movement and comfort for a fitted sleeve.

No beautiful vintage inspired tea dress can be complete without a petticoat! Now we are talking and walking with style 🙂

I love wearing my tea dress and receive so many lovely comments by passers by. There is something timeless and very romantic about wearing vintage inspired fashion 🙂

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