Sewing while on holiday? Not a feet-up do nothing at a beach resort holiday but a visit to my Mum- without husband and offspring, where the weather was warm and sunny and and I wasn’t working … so definitely still a holiday! While still home in the UK I’d bought and had some patterns delivered [...]


As a pattern cutter and a collector of vintage patterns I’d been curious for quite a while about the Lutterloh pattern system and it’s similar-ish contemporaries, a French system called Eclair-Coupe Paris and The Haslam system, I think from America, but hadn’t had a chance to try any of them out. How exactly did the mini-size patterns [...]


This Butterick pattern from 1960 has been floating around my workroom patiently waiting it’s turn and when a couple of meters of this Makower cotton came my way it was a perfect match. Even have a glass necklace I bought in Venice years ago to follow through on the oranges theme… just need some sunshine [...]


I just loved the bird ornament on this pattern from Mrs. Depew the moment I saw it. So I bought a copy and made myself one. The pdf contains instructions for drawing out the hat and bird patterns and describes how to do the other  variations pictured. Sewing instructions are minimalist to say the least. But [...]


I saw this vintage dress on and fell in love. I had to have something similar so set about recreating it.   My pattern is a hodgepodge from other projects- sleeves from a 40′s style evening dress I made for a client, bodice slashed and spread from a slim fitting shirt block and bias [...]


French knickers-a.k.a.tap-pants, petti-pants…. whatever you call them I love them, wear them and keep making more. These are my most recent efforts:  As a rule I draft my own patterns and while doing these it occurred to me that there is no reason anyone else couldn’t do it too, to their own measurements. It’s a simple skirt block [...]


Pyjamas for lounging only because there is so much fabric in this 1930′s style that I’d get very tangled if I were to actually wear them to sleep.                             I took my inspiration from this Simplicity pattern image. I find myself using [...]


  Last Sunday I made this little cape in a pale blue felt mainly to double check a pattern before I cut it in something else but I like how it turned out and will wear it this Spring I expect. Originally conceived to go with a 1930′s style dress it now looks more 1950′s… [...]


This is what I spent my summer holiday doing: catching up on two personal projects I’ve been trying to finish for ages… lol, a proper “busman’s’ holiday”. I’ve put up a pdf here that you can download and follow to draft and sew knickers like these to your own measurements. Based on a complete circle they [...]


At the end of last year an acquaintance asked if I’d be interested in recreating a dress her friend had bought from eBay to get married in as the original dress was not in as good a condition as she had hoped and the synthetic satin wasn’t as lovely as she’d hoped for either. It [...]