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I Have Problems Making Decisions…

By on February 14, 2012

For Christmas, my boyfriend’s absolutely beyond wonderful mother gave me a membership to the Vintage Pattern Lending Library.

Friends, this virtual library is AWESOME! Membership is relatively inexpensive–$25 gets you a year long membership which include four “free” loans (I’m assuming that means you trace the patterns and send them back?), 10% discount on purchases (patterns are reasonably priced), and once you’ve used up your loans you can borrow patterns for up to a month for $5 a pop. All-in-all, this is a pretty awesome deal.

I can’t decide what to tackle first. Right now, I’m really attracted to the 1930s patterns. Perhaps because the 1930s are the most well represented in the catalog.

Here’s where I need your help. I have a huge problem making decisions. I can’t decide which one to tackle first. Rather than re-post all the pictures here, if you could be so kind as to visit my blog and leave a comment with your thoughts I’d be ever so grateful. I acknowledge that I am going to have to (in all likelihood) grade a pattern up. So size is not an issue.

Thanks in advance for all your help !

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Help Not Following Pattern Directions

By on January 24, 2012

So… I want to make Simplicity 3503. It looks like this:

I want to make the lovely halter dress down here in the left hand corner. Only… I don’t want to use knit material as the pattern dictates. Rather, I have this really lovely vintage cotton-blend fabric that has a pattern along one edge (which would be the bottom of the skirt).

Anyone got any suggestions for converting a knits fabric-based pattern into a non-knits fabric-based pattern? Should I cut one size bigger? Am I total fool?

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Vintage Sewing

Why Hello There! So Nice To Meet You

By on January 1, 2012

Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to introduce myself and my new blog, Down the Retro Rabbit Hole. I’m Tina. I’m a writer living in Philadelphia, PA with my beau, Mr. Retro, and my two crazy Siamese cats Tai and Pretty Kitty. I started this new blog as a way to hold myself responsible for my New Year’s Resolutions… and to have a bit of fun! I have grand plans to blog about sewing  awesome retro/vintage patterns (see below), my adventures in cooking, and some (hopefully) relevant historical tidbits! Hope you’ll stop by and stay awhile!

I really love the 1950s/early 1960s dress on the left!


Not totally in love with this 1970s shirts...


Late 1940s/Early 1950s

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