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Tales of discarded treasure

By on May 7, 2012

I finally completed a set of 30 outfits for a parade (patterns spanning 50 years) for a local Kindergarten celebrating their 75th Anniversary. I swear it is taking longer to load them all up on my blog than it was to sew them (and next time I will take someone else along who can take photos for me).

All of the outfits were made from remnants picked up at thrift shops, including the notions – except for the thread; and the electricity used by the sewing machine was completely generated by our Solar Power system. The patterns, of course, are recycled from the past – some of them were pretty heavily used.

I thought I would share one of my favourites – 1969 Boy’s outfit – high waisted, button on trousers with a tuxedo style shirt. I am not sure if it was because I liked the style, or whether the boy wearing it was just perfect for it.

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1950s | Swimwear / Sunwear

No need to adjust your monitor

By on March 11, 2012

I apologise in advance.

I bought this fabric last week from an Opportunity Shop and it has been positively screaming at me to make it into something. Visualising beach sunset colours I used it to make Vogue 9749 from 1959, however my family are likening it more to the colours of  fake tan and sunburn. Maybe it will fade, or I will only wear it on a cloudy day, or use a much more subdued colour for the coverup, or have another go at it (after all I cut out the drape on the wrong side anyway)

The lining of it was equally as alarming in style, if not in colour! The pattern was complex but not as difficult as I thought it might be.

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1930s | 1940s | Children

Child’s Play

By on March 9, 2012

The Kindergarten that my children attended is turning 75 this year and the director of the kindy has asked me to sew some clothes that the children might have worn when it opened in 1937. These will be worn by children at a street parade in our city in May.  I thought it might be fun to have them dressed in sepia type colours (representing the ‘Then’), as they will be leading the rest of the kindy (dressed brightly, representing the ‘Now’)

So far I have sewn: Du Barry 1235B

and McCall 6179

Little boy’s trousers are surprisingly complex – these have a little fly opening at the c/f, but actually have the closures (to get in and out of them) at the sides. I am looking forward to doing some other styles of these trousers to see if the other pattern companies instructions are less confusing.

Two down, only a couple more to go…..



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In the doghouse, again?

By on February 5, 2012

I did a bit of a stash rearrange recently and found I had the perfect light brown (with white polka dots) fabric to make up McCall 957.

Rather than choose the colouring of the main illustration on the pattern as a guide, I opted forthe more obscure white apron with blue check in the background.

All was going swimmingly until I went shopping for blue ric-rac today and discovered that I could only get a dark or a light blue – and I didn’t really care for either. So here my little apron project has stalled for the time being (with a mental note to gather supplies prior to cutting out and sewing) without a roof on my doghouse.

Of course, I did also have enough red and white striped fabric to complete both his and hers, and the fabric shop had loads of red ric-rac, so when I finally crawl out of my little self inflicted dog house, I might have another go at actually finishing a pair of these aprons.



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1940s | Swimwear / Sunwear

1947 Swimwear

By on January 23, 2012

To follow on from the Timeline of Vintage Pattern Illustrations post, I thought I might just post my recently completed 1947 Bathing Suit (what a coincidence!)

It was a really easy pattern (although the bias frill on the apron front took up a bit of fabric).

Has anyone else completed any of the patterns on the timeline that they can post? I think that would be a fun timeline to see as well!

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