Dating Patterns

Can you help date this pattern?

By on July 1, 2011

When do you think this pattern is from? I found this vintage petticoat pattern in an antiques shop in California, but I’m having a little trouble identifying the date.

The pattern is numbered 7661, a “ladies’ six-gored princess slip or foundation”. It’s made by the Standard Fashion Company – some internet research tells me that this was a subsidiary of Butterick, in operation from 1888 to 1926. At the bottom of the pattern it says ‘Patented October 4, 1887, and September 5, 1889’ – I assume that’s referring to the company, not the individual pattern. The closest thing I can find online is pattern no. 7241, a very long straight skirt which looks to me like it’s from about 1910.

Do you have anything similar in your collection? Do you know about the history of the Standard Fashion Company? Do you have any clues from underwear history?

There are some more pictures and details on my blog if you think you can help. Thanks!

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Simplicity 7341

By on April 27, 2011
Greetings, vintage fans! I made this dress from Simplicity 7341 from 1976, in a lovely Japanese double gauze. It was pretty simple to make and is the kind of thing I’d wear all the time, so I’m already planning a bunch more in different colours and fabric types. More details on my blog, Tilly and the Buttons. Au revoir!

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The Betty Draper Suit

By on November 9, 2010

It must be Mad Men day in Sew Retroland! And here’s my contribution…

So I was watching Mad Men a few weeks ago, when there was a shot of Betty wearing this:

I jumped off the sofa and went to check my patterns, and behold!

The pattern is Simplicity 7032 from 1967. I found it under a pile of rubbish at an antiques shop in Brighton and snapped it up for £1.50.

Here’s my version:

More on my blog, including finished jacket post here and tutorial on sculpting scallops here 🙂

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Vintage Sewing

Help identifying a 1930s pattern

By on October 1, 2010

Hi everyone, I’d like to make use of your collective vintage pattern knowledge to help me find something. I’ve recently found out my family has some home movies from 1933 and 1949. In this clip, the lady on the far right is wearing an amazing 1930s dress with bows on it. I’m sure I’ve seen this pattern – maybe a repro one? Do you know the one I’m thinking of? I’d love to compare them!

If you’d like to watch more of these clips, the 1933 clips are on my blog here and here, and the 1949 ones are coming soon. There are some great clips of my great great auntie knitting on Porthcawl beach, top hats on Cardiff high street, and of my Nana as a teenager in the most amazing dress!

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Vintage Sewing

Help! Baggy pedal pushers!

By on July 24, 2010

Hello retro sewers, I need your advice! Has anyone sewn these pedal pushers or a similar vintage pattern? I’ve taken mine in quite a bit to avoid the balloon trousers look, but while the front view is fine, the backs of the legs have gone all wrinkly. I don’t want to make them too tight as they’ll look a bit rude, but would like them to be a bit more defined. Any tips on making the fit better? Am I messing about too much with what should be a loose fitting pattern? Have I gone for the wrong fabric (denim)? Should I just give up and start again in a softer fabric? Help!

More pics and description on my blog.

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